Why you should date a Russian woman

russian woman

Finding a loving and faithful wife is really a complicated task. Nevertheless, most men can’t feel complete without a loving woman and family. Even men who are spending most of their time working finally realize that they feel lonely without good wives to take care of. With the fast pace of today world, Internet dating has become one of the most accepted ways to meet women. Men sometimes just don’t have enough free time to go to clubs or bars to meet women, which, in reality, gives very small chances of success.

With dating sites and big catalogs of Russian women, men can look for girls that match their tastes and likings. Sadly, some men become victims of online criminals, con artist and scammers. They use different scam techniques to cheat, mislead and deceive men into thinking they are real marriage minded and honest women. These scammers’ women might be real women but pursuit fraudulent, dishonest, immoral and unethical purposes. Our agency does its best to protect our members from scam and frauds, and we are very successful at it.

Below we want to explain why you should focus your attention on dating women from Russia. For this, we have several rational and logical reasons:

They are beautiful

Stating that Russian women are the most beautiful women in the world would be a bit untrue, as it is a matter of taste. Definitely nobody can neglect and deny the phenomenon that Russian women have hot bodies are gorgeous, lovely and sweet. You can find thousands of single women in Russia and on Russian marriage/dating sites. Consequently, there is definitely the woman that would match your representation of gorgeousness, prettiness and charm.

Russian women are fresh

Since the dissolution of the USSR (Soviet Union) in 1991, the world has discovered the beauty of Russian women. At the present time, men from all over the world keenly want to date Russian women because these ladies are a novelty on the Internet. Thus, they are not too demanding, choosy and fussy as women from the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia.

Russian women make great wives

Prior to starting a serious relationships and having sex, which in some cases happen only after marriage, Russian women rather learning each other thoroughly. Starting by becoming friends you can afterwards become lovers. The family for a Russian woman is all about love, support and caring.

Russian women are family-oriented

This trait is a distinguishing quality of Russian women and it stems from two origins:

1- Russian women a have traditional upbringing and family values are the most important in woman’s life.

2- Russian women are not too much affected by feministic movements and sexual upheavals. Even if a patriarchate is believed to be the chief and leading mindset in Russia, most families there are led and supported by women. Russian women here and then allow their husbands believe in their significance whilst the most main and important decisions are made by Russian wives.

Russian women are bright, clever and deep

There is a cliché that beautiful women have empty souls and are shallow, superficial and sketchy. Though it sounds more like an overstatement, but if a particular cliché or stereotype exists, it probably have some proves and evidence. Even so, this stereotype has nothing to do with Russian women as most of them are professionals with University and post graduate degrees. In addition the majority of Russian women are religious and spiritual. Christianity in Russia has an early history and, without question plays an important function in educating and upbringing. Russian women have devoutness and piousness, respectful approaches to older people and high moral values.

How to write to a Russian woman on a dating site

If you wonder how to write to a Russian woman on a dating site for the first time, or what to say in your following emails, here are some tips:

1- Before writing to Russian women, do a search according to your parameters (city, age, education, marital status, etc). Save the women profile’s pages you like first and then contact them one by one.

2- Read women profiles attentively, including their future husband requirements. If you feel you match a specific woman’s requirements and criteria, you can send an email to this woman. If you understand that you do not match some of her requirements, then don’t waste your time and search other profiles.

3- Arrange the Russian women you are interested in a priority order. Write to the top 20 in your favorite list first.

4- Be sure you attach a clear photos with a nice smile where you are dressed stylishly. Remember Russian women look at your photo first when they decide whether to answer your email or not.

5- How much to write to a Russian woman on the first email depends on the length of her self description in her profile. If it’s long, write more. If it’s short, write less. The ideal length is about 20-30 lines in the first email.

6- After sending an email to a woman wait for her response. If she hasn’t responded to your mail within 2-3 days, send her a short follow-up mail asking her if she has received your first email or not. If the woman doesn’t respond after that, suppose she is not interested, and move on and start contacting other women.

7- After exchanging 5-6 emails with a Russian woman, tell her that you would like to hear her voice and ask if you can call her via phone, skype, viber or whatsapp.

Comments from the web:

- I think some Russian women are indeed very sexy but won't put Russia in the list of the hottest women. It's just my opinion though. If you like you’re your Russian wife-woman, then great ... I am happy for you.

- Russian girls are subservient and most enjoy pleasing their husband. My grandmother who is originally from Russia moved to the USA in 1970. She taught me to favor our husbands first and to cook and have things prepared for him. It was instilled and (printed) in us so it's what we enjoy.

- Q: I don't know where to look, where do normal men meet women? Well, I tried clubs, but it doesn’t work for ugly men like me?

A: You need to be sure you know and like who you are first. Confidence is what gets the women, not cocky, but being comfortable with you try a dating site, either local, national or international, meet some women online, communicate and chat with them, get to know them, then meet them, this may help you be more confident and sure of yourself there are some amazing women overseas particularly in Russia.(I know I married a Russian woman. I am not rich or handsome, age 50, but I married a beautiful 34 year old, and we have been happy a long time) Russian women are not as anxious and concerned with looks as they are with what is inside you, they want a caring, supportive and reliable man. As all normal women should, muscles, looks and money are only secondary.

- Q: Why do many western women frown upon dating men 10 - 15 years older?

A: Take a young woman, for instance, that is 20. She is just getting a start in life and even in countries where marriages aren't arranged, parents play a big role in the future mates of their children. American or Western parents are not typically involved to the same extent that Russian parents are. A man ten to fifteen years older is much more likely to be far along in his career and be somewhat well-off than his younger male counterpart. Stability and security are two very important things on any parents' checklist, particularly in countries not as developed as Canada, Australia or the US. Yes, there are still countries where people marry on the basis of survival. This idea is somewhat foreign to many in the US because it's such a rare event and all they have known is to marry for love. Many Americans question the practice based on compatibility. As a 20 year old young woman, what do you have in common with a 32 year old man you have never met. For the majority here, basic survival is not as much of an issue. This practice your referencing is not just in Russia but in other countries too. In fact, this marital practice can be found most places throughout the world in areas other than what is known as the "Western" nations. It's not a bad practice, it's just different, and looking at the divorce rates at least here in America, this may not be such a bad idea. Hope this helped.

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