Meeting with a woman for the first time (Part two) 


The visit

Below are some basic guidelines and tips for traveling to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The most important is to secure all needed travelling documents (passport. Visa, etc) before your departure day. Remember every country has different entry and exit requirements. Some countries just need a valid passport while other countries, like Belarus or Russia require a visa. It is very important that you have all necessary documents before you try to visit/enter another country. Remember people without right documents will be turned away and sent home at their own cost or you will be turned away right at the airport of your city.

Be ready for a culture surprises. Though it’s exciting to visit Russia, Ukraine or Belarus for the first time, the experience can also be hard. This is particularly true if you are visiting Russia and you can't read or speak Russian language language. If possible try to learn some basic and simple Russian words and phrases.

Keep away from being the victim of a crime. Be sure not to show off big amounts of cash or expensive belongings as they attract unneeded attention of thieves. When traveling (not only to Russia), avoid carrying large amount of cash and he leave your expensive belongings home. Also keep an eye on your wallet, computer and other personal belongings. Don’t rely only on your national currency, be sure to take a credit or debit cart with you.

It would be very good idea if get some information about Russian or Ukrainian laws. Some issues to consider are what items you can bring into Belarus, Ukraine and Russia and what things you can not, for example you can bring to Russia without declaration a cash money that is equivalent to 10.000 USD. Also learn about customs taxes, tobacco and alcohol policies.

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