How to fall in love with a friend you like?


Do you want to learn how to make a friend fall in love? Thinking about ways to make your friend become your girlfriend can be exhausting. You must be afraid of losing that important friendship in your life, but if you succeed, you will end up with a fabulous person that you love.

It is much better to take the risk than to continue to suffer in silence while imagining what it would be like to have a loving relationship with her. To help you, here are some tips you can use to convert a friend into your girlfriend.

Not available ALL the time

If you want your friend to love you as something more than a shoulder to cry, then do not be available to her all the time. Stop calling and seeing her, or even send her emails and text messages.

If she calls you and asks you to get in touch, wait a couple of days before calling her back. Let this happen for about a month or more if she is an especially close friend.

However, do not make him feel that you are moving away because you are angry with him or are acting like an idiot. When you talk to her, be brief but pleasant. The whole point here is to confuse her into wondering what is going on with your life, and this confusion will make her spend more time thinking about you and she will miss you.

Pay attention to your appearance

Use the time away from your friend to improve your appearance . Pay more attention to your wardrobe, haircut, how you smell, etc. Your friend has to like something of your appearance to look at you sexually, which is essential to let you see as just a friend.

Once you get into the role of friend it is easy to become careless with the woman. Sure you feel comfortable because she is your friend and you have not cared so far, but if you want her to be attracted to you, it is imperative that you take care of your personal hygiene and appearance in general.

Make sure you exercise regularly and have a healthy diet. Changes in your lifestyle habits will not only make you more attractive to your friend, but will also benefit your own health.

Use your advantage

As a friend you know what he likes about a man. Use this knowledge and remember that here you have a great advantage over other men. If you like smart men, keep up to date on the issues that appeal to you, or if you like men with a sense of adventure, suggest that both of you go to do some extreme sport. And if by chance you know her secret desires, with subtle indications, make her notice that you can satisfy what she looks for in a man.

Flirt with her

After having aroused a reasonable level of interest, you can flirt casually with your friend. Tell him how beautiful his eyes are, smile and sense of style. Gently touch your hand or shoulder when both are together. Help her to notice that you are aware of her as a woman and not just as a friend. You can joke with her about what it would be like to be a couple and see her reaction. If she is not ready for something romantic yet, just ignore it as a joke and continue using the strategies above.

Choose the right time and place

If you find that despite your subtle efforts there is no reciprocity of your friend, it may be time to declare your feelings. Use a quiet moment to talk to her and tell her that you are romantically interested in her. Make sure you do not choose a place too private that will deny you a way out in case she feels uncomfortable with your revelations. Finally, do not force a public confession about her as she might feel ashamed.

Be patient

After you let your friend know about what you feel for her, do not press her for an immediate response. Let her take the time to resolve her feelings and, in the meantime, be sure to let her know that no matter what she decides, you will value the relationship they already share. However, do not wait indefinitely. If a month has gone by without an answer, gently ask her what she feels about her loving confession.

Making a friend fall in love can be tricky, but if it's something you really want, then go ahead and let your feelings be recognized by her. If you are successful, there is nothing better than having a romantic relationship with a woman who knows you as a friend. If things do not work maybe they can keep the friendship, or at least you will not be suffering in silence for an unrequited love, and you will free your heart to love someone that corresponds to you.