How to hypnotize a woman to conquer her

how to hypnotize a woman

Do you want to learn to seduce with hypnosis but do not know where to start? This is not a problem since after reading this article you will know exactly what seduction by hypnosis is, how it works and how it can be done.

As the name implies, seduction by hypnosis is the use of hypnotic techniques in order to subtly influence people to do the things you want without them noticing. As you can see, this is a very powerful seduction technique.

Seducing the girl of your dreams

Imagine walking in a bar, and there before your eyes is the girl of your dreams. A long and beautiful blonde or redhead, with bright eyes and a perfect physique. Normally, a girl like this can be out of your league, however, with the art of hypnosis you can seduce her without her knowing what is really going on.

Imagine walking up to this girl and asking her if she can accompany her. Imagine that that girl gives you the typical rejection statement: "Umm, I'm not sorry." Normally, this is the normal result for most, but not for the seduction expert hypnotist.

The hypnotist would look directly into the woman's eyes and use a soft, hypnotic tone while speaking to her. This soft and calm tonality combined with a careful choice of words and good body language, would cause deeply relaxing chills that would travel the back of the girl, and would feel fascinated, almost addicted, towards you.

This is the essence of seduction by hypnosis. Basically, it is the use of hypnosis that in an almost magical way makes other people feel deeply attracted by their presence. It can be used to seduce any member of the opposite sex or even the same sex, and turn them into their loyal subjects.

So, how does it work exactly?

Have you ever experienced a warm and relaxing feeling that goes through your body? Sometimes, if you are talking to someone who has a very calm and relaxing voice, or if you are listening to quiet music, or simply relaxing in your own way, you may have felt that feeling of warmth and relaxation.

This type of relaxation is caused by a chemical reaction of our brain that happens when one feels that one is in a state of safety and feels care. The effects extend throughout our entire body, and can be very pleasant.

With hypnosis, we are able to artificially induce this form of relaxation in other people, simply by talking to them. We do this by adapting a certain tone (known as a hypnotic key ), and using body language and words that make the person feel very relaxed and susceptible to our influence.

In this way we use hypnosis to seduce the person that attracts us and we can make them do things for us (or with us). Obviously, this could include a large number of things, some of which can not be mentioned here.