What do Russian girls photos say?


russian girls


Russian girls pictures let you take a real look at a girl you are seeking dating with and determine her inner qualities.

Let's examine types of photos Russian girls usually post on dating sites:

russian girls in bikini


Russian girls photos in bikini

A girl needs attention from men. She needs sensual emotional experiences. She hopes to be liked and get the lacking through communication with a potential husband.

russian girls


Russian girls with Close-up. Face photos

These girls have demonstrative type of personality. Love themselves and like to be a centre of attention. They hopes that their future husband will appreciate their deep personality.

russian girls


Russian girls photos with animals

A girl wants to show that she can be tender and loving. With these photos she promises to take care of the man she will like.

russian girls


Russian girls photos with flowers

Flowers in Russia are a sign of girls’ femininity. Such a girl hopes first of all for a passionate and romantic relationship.

russian girl office photo


Russian girls’ office photos

A girls’ whose profile page has many photos from work is likely (but not necessarily) to think about projects, actions and plans.

russian girls black and white


Russian girls with black and white photos

A girl placing a lot of black and white photos on her profile is an amazing girl. She tries to show her originality, elegant/exquisite taste, and tell about her aesthetic nature.

russian girls group photo


Russian girls with group photos

A girl is easy-going and sociable. She will be a reliable wife.

russian girl against window


Russian girls with photos against a window

These girls are very romantic and need creative personal fulfillment. They feel uncomfortable in the boundaries of everyday life. Definitely you won't be bored with such girl.

Comments from the web:

I wouldn't say better or all the time per se, but it's true that Russian girls care about their appearance. Unlike the West, Russia hasn't been deeply affected by feminism, so women there still take pride in being feminine. It's what they prefer, and subsequently what their countrymen prefer. And since there are less males over there, dressing nice is also a form of competing for men.

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