How to tell a Russian girl you love her online

russian girl

Nowadays online dating has resulted in a situation where many romantic and wonderful things couples do for each other happen online. If you are dating a Russian girl online it is quite possible that some day you will also need to confess and tell her everything about your feelings in the virtual reality space.

Here are several advices about saying “I love you!” on the web.

First of all, learn to say it in Russian. Of course it all depends on which language she is more comfortable with, Russian or English. But for most girls in Russia, “Я люблю тебя” / (ya lyublyu tebya), will sound closer to heart than “I love you”. So learn it and learn it very well, because you may have to say it for the rest of your life.

Secondly, make sure you do it “in person”. Of course you could simply put it in your online status or post it on her wall. But social network websites will never tell her as much as she will hear in your voice and see in your eyes. That is why you can use Skype or any other online video service to make it feel as real as possible.

Thirdly, before you make a confession, you should always make sure that the mood is right. If she just came home from a hard day of work and is really upset about something, it is not the right time. Wait till she is in a good mood, play some romantic song she likes and tell her the three magic words looking into her eyes, or in this case into your monitor.

And lastly, do it in a way that does not oblige her to say she loves you too. It is very rare that two people fall in love for each other at precisely the same time. However, if the attraction is strong, usually one follows the other in a matter of weeks or even days. If she has some feelings for you and she hasn’t given them a name yet, making her say “I love you too” will certainly not make her feel for you any stronger. That is why make sure that she knows that you do not expect the same feelings from her, and you will be her friend and wait till (if ever) they come.