Why do foreign men seek Russian wives?

russian wife

Why are so many foreign men seeking brides from abroad when there are so many single girls at home? There are several reasons:

- Nobody at home wants to marry them (in some cases)

Unfortunately, the popular image of the alcoholic, abusive loser who takes a foreign wife because no local girl will marry him is sometimes accurate. It would certainly be painting with too broad a brush to say that all American men who seek international brides are like this, the abusive personality does seem to be well represented among men seeking a wife from overseas. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it – the foreign wife/bride often knows very little about her husband when she comes over. By the time she discovers who he really is, she is far from home, economically dependent, unable to afford to go back home, and sometimes pregnant. Abusers sometimes take full advantage of this situation by forcing their wives to submit to treatment that few American girls would put up with.

- Citizenship in a prosperous Western nation greatly increases their position in the marriage market. The hope of a new life in rich America (or some other Western country) is certainly the top reason why girls from third world countries wish to marry Western men (if you don’t think so, ask yourself how many of these girls pursue men from Peru or Indonesia). Since the number of girls is far greater than the number of Western men looking for them, supply and demand favors the Western man. It thus becomes no problem at all for a man in his 50s to marry a 20-year-old Chinese model, for example.

- A lot of American men don’t like American girls. One could say that opposite attract, but complaints abound among a certain segment of American men that feminism has gone too far, that it no longer has anything to do with equal rights or fairness, and that it has morphed US girls into a third gender – neither masculine nor feminine, confused about their gender identity, and forever competing rather than cooperating to prove that “girls can do anything men can do”. This silent war between the sexes creates a competitive atmosphere; some say that destroys any chance for true intimacy between spouses. Because of this, American men turn to foreign countries to find a wife (and American girls increasingly look overseas for husbands!).

Silly thing people say about Russian dating sites

“Russian girls divorce their husbands as soon as they get a green card.”

Many people also believe that Russian girls are green card scammers who will dump their husbands as soon as possible. This belief is closely tied to the assumption that Russian girls are desperate to leave Russia. Again, while some girls may have devious intentions, most Russians have no plans to trade life with family and friends for an uncertain future in a foreign country. The truth is that international marriages are no more likely to fail than traditional marriages. In fact, a report issued by the USCIS suggests that international marriages have a much lower rate of divorce that other marriage types.