Your first date with a Russian woman

russian woman

It is not a secret that Russian women like saying that they would like to go out only with a perfect man in spite of that when it comes to the actual requirements, these women state they are looking for a real man. We have asked the ladies in our agency some questions. The first one was "What are those facts that terrify you in a man" and the second question was "What are those stuff that you adore in a man?".

Based on these women answers we prepared a brief suggestions for our men to note them on their first date.

- You should never be arrogant or immodest.

- Make enjoyable conversation with her and put in a couple of jokes here and there. And don't let the dialogue finish itself.

- Avoid smoking during your date if the woman is non smoker.

- You should never talk only about yourself, your problems and achievements. It is pleasant that you share something about yourself, but let her talk too. Remember, If you bore her with your talk then you will only make yourself a fool and waste both her and your time.

- Make her feel relaxed with you, this is pretty much the whole point of idle conversation.

- You should never scratch yourself or speak with your mouth full.

- Any woman like mystery, so be prepared to take your relationship with her slow. Remember any woman does not like to be hurried or rushed.

- Wear a clean shirt and brush your teeth before meeting her.

- You should never talk about sex, your ex-girls friends/wife on the first date.

- The price tag of all your gifts to her won't matter once you got her love and heart. You can invite her to an expensive restaurant once in a while but not necessarily all the time. McDonald's night is still first-class if you spend a good time with her.

- Be a man and pay the bill.

These are some advice for dating which will help you on impressing the woman that you want to marry. Just keep in mind that there are no best guidance or tips for the first date with a Russian woman, there are only genuine, honest and sincere intentions.