Real useful information and tips on how to avoid Ukrainian dating scam

ukrainian scammer

Unfortunately, there are many scammers on Ukrainian dating sites that can seem like very legitimate, honest and genuine girls that truly care for the men they’re talking to. They can be very convincing and this is where the risk and danger comes in.

The Internet is full of information telling about scammers from Ukraine operating on free and paid dating sites. Many men who would like to use the services of Ukrainian dating sites feel apprehensive and worry about their safety. Although some dating sites have anti-scam check systems that verify women’s profiles, scammers keep looking for new ways of conning money out of men. It is very easy to spot and detect a scammer. A man just needs to be aware of the common fraudulent scenarios/schemes and be careful with some details.

Here are some information and tips about how to avoid Ukrainian dating scam:

- One of the most obvious signs of a scammer on Ukrainian dating sites is a woman who asks for money for one reason or another. She may not even ask, she may cue and make you feel bad for her so that you will suggest sending her money.

- A scammer will bring a question of money once you start corresponding. The first mails or messages will not arouse any doubt but then out of the blue, she will begin telling you that she is having big financial issues problems and how her life is awful in Ukraine. Her complaints will be followed by asking you to send her some money to pay for an expensive medical treatment of her sick mother or family member. Another scenario is connected with the paid services of a translator. She will say that her English, Spanish or German is bad and she doesn’t have sufficient money to pay for the translator’s services. Thus is clearly a scam. Remember there are a lot of free translation services available like Google and Bing translations and she can easily use them.

- If you’ve been communicating with a Ukrainian girl for a while and you have decided that you want to meet her face to face, you’re not alone. Most foreign men do this after a while and it is usually accepted most of the time. Though, if time after time, you have been put off, postponed or given some strange and lame excuse that your Ukrainian girl can not meet you, you should be suspicious and doubtful about her real intentions.

- A very popular scheme deals with plane tickets and visas. A woman will tell you that she is ready to come to your country but she doesn’t have enough money for a flight ticket. She can even send you a copy of her passport and visa to make you believe that only one step separates you from seeing her in real life. In order to test her actual intentions, offer her to come to her country instead. If she starts finding different pretexts and excuses or just stops answering and writing to you, you have figured her out, she is a scammer.

- Many times when a man is about to be scammed by a Ukrainian woman, he will feel that something is not right. Many victims of con artists and scammers on Ukrainian dating sites have said that they thought something felt wrong, but didn’t pay attention to their feeling. If you have that feeling or found that something is wrong, do some digging on your Ukrainian woman. Find out if she really is who she says she is by searching for her name and surname, email address, Skype ID, phone number and photos.

- If a girl writes to you first and bombards you with flattery and compliments at once, she is probably a scammer. A Ukrainian girl will wait until a man takes the initiative and writes to her. So it is very likely that this scammer sent one and the same message to hundreds of men and now is waiting who will first swallow a bait.

- If your Ukrainian woman only has one photo of herself to show you, particularly if you have been communicating for a few months, you should be aware. Many dishonest women copy pictures of models or ordinary girls in order to pose as real Ukrainian women seeking romance and marriage. If you have only seen one photo of your Ukrainian woman, ask to see more. If she’s genuine, she should have several that she will happily send to you.

- It’s quite easy to spot a scammer by the look of her profile. Con artists create fake profiles and pretend to be the women from the photos they upload. You can judge the originality and genuineness of a woman’s profile right by the quality of photos you see there. They are usually too good to be true, that is, they feature a woman from a cover picture or just look like they were downloaded from a random Internet site. Another suspicious feature is insufficient profile information. If most of the sections are not filled in or they are full of general phrases, you are dealing with a scammer. Those women who are seeking marriage and have serious intentions registering on a dating site will do their best to give as much information about them as possible in order to attract more men to their profile.

- If there are details about your Ukrainian woman that she avoids talking about, like exactly where she is from, what kinds of activities she loves and more, you should most likely be aware of this. Genuine and real Ukrainian women have wonderful personalities and are very well-educated and intelligent. However, scammers pretending to be Ukrainian women wouldn’t have access to the details of a life that a real Ukrainian woman would have.

- The fake Ukrainian dating sites where the users pay for each message they send are the most attractive venues for scammers. A woman who uses a fake profile will keep up a conversation as long as possible in order to earn that site more money. The best advice here is to stay away from the pay-per-message/letter sites and use the ones that let you correspond with as many women as you want on a pre-paid basis.

Unfortunately, scammers on dating sites are very real. Use the above information to determine whether you are communicating with a sincere Ukrainian woman or a scammer. And remember that a real woman who is looking for a foreign husband on a dating site will rarely (if never) write first, will never flood you with compliments and flattery in the first messages, and will never ask you to send money.

Comments from the web:

- It is the "new" scam they are using. They are finding that Europeans and Americans are getting wise to the up front money requests. She will lead you on until you are tied to her heart and expect her in a few days ("I got my visa today! I will buy tickets and we will be together this weekend!"), and then she will tug those heartstrings when you have such anticipation that you will send it because you believe her so much. It is hard to hear "I can be there Friday, but I need $800", and not send it.

- Dating sites themselves are not scams - the problem is that out of the thousands of women profiles there is no way any site has the resources to verify everyone is who they claim to be.

- The most frequent scams I have heard about involve the woman pretending to be a completely made up woman. This can be for any reason, from a professional con-artist who scams men into sending them money, to someone who's just plain psychotic and feels the need to lie on-line for no apparent reason.

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