Meeting with a woman for the first time (Part three)


Personal meeting tips

After months of correspondence, Skype and phone calls, weeks of planning, and hours of traveling the big moment has lastly arrived. It’s time for you to meet your woman. Here’s how you can impress your potential future Russian wife.

You should always look your best: First and foremost you should make an effort to look at your very best as first impressions is very important. You should always shave, shower and wear nice and clean clothes before meeting the woman for the first time.

You should always be polite as Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian women appreciate it chivalry. Once you are on a date, you shouldn’t hesitate to open doors for her, pull out her chair, help her out of a car or bus. Russian girls value a lot chivalry on a date and your lady will not be offended if you behaved like a real gentleman. If you want to impress her, you can for example arrange a taxi to bring her.

You should never pressure your woman. When you travel to meet a girl, your main aim should be to become better acquainted with the woman and decide if there is any future to your relationship. It should not be to initiate intimacy as soon as possible. Believe it or not, some men wait for women to jump into bed with them straight away after they arrival. Remember intimacy is a possibility, it is not something you can expect or order. You should always respect a woman's boundaries.

You should always have realistic expectations about the future of the relationship: While some visits might result in an immediate marriage, but you should not automatically expect this. A first meeting is a precious chance for you to get to know your woman and to mutually decide on the future of your relationship. Occasionally a woman and a man will fall in love at their first meeting, other times the chemistry may not be there and the two may decide to end their relationship.

Some men blame the women when their visits don’t live up to the idealistic model. Although this is an understandable reaction it is definitely not a particularly fair one. If your date does not go as good as you had hoped, it does not mean that the lady is dishonest or that she was not serious about you. You should understand that she respects you enough to be open and frank about her feelings towards you. Remember, life long relationship should be built on sincerity and honesty.

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