How to seduce and captivate a girl with Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)?


Seducing a girl using NLP is an art on her own. Although if you have a deep knowledge of NLP , seduction is a simple process. It has been suggested that the use of NLP for seduction is not ethical, and that we should not use "mind control" to attract a woman but this is a lie.

The reality is that everyone who tries to seduce someone is using some form of mind control, whether they know it or not. When you buy flowers and use cologne you are manipulating the other person, even when you have dinner with someone you have much deeper psychological connections and are ways of mind control.

Why buy flowers is mind control?

It is not just the fact that women associate "the gift of flowers" with the arrival of man. She also associates the pleasant smell of flowers with man. Unlike most senses, smell goes directly to our limbic system that stores memory and is responsible for emotions.

The man is essentially saying "Here is a flower, BANG, now when you remember me, you will remember a pleasant smell and excitement upon receiving them." Even if the woman does not consciously associate this, her subconscious is 100% aware of that association.

The first impression

For that reason, the first impression is so important, because if a woman has associated an idea of you in her mind, it is very difficult to reverse it. That’s why it's important to clarify that NLP can help you, but you can not make a woman who hates you suddenly want to take your clothes off and take you to bed. Even hypnosis can not do that. What you can achieve with NLP is to make a good impression and improve it over time.

The golden rules of NLP for seduction

- Be more sociable: this rule is not from NLP, but it is essential to seduce people. Avoid solo activities. This will increase the number of encounters you have with other people, which gives you more opportunities to find compatible people. Make as many friends as possible, as they will invite you to social activities and can introduce you to even more people.

- Find the appropriate place to sit: it is better to sit next to the person instead of being face to face. Your body language will indicate that you seek to approach in equality, that is, generate more confidence in the woman. It will allow the other person to relax, which will be conducive to the establishment of an emotional bond.

- Act mysterious: almost every woman loves anticipation, as well as the aura of mystery that surrounds some men. For that reason, revealing too much about yourself would be a big mistake. You need to make sure she stays a little confused in order to keep your attention. Women tend to quickly lose interest in men who are very easy to read. Women will keep an eye on you as long as they have a reason to do so, that is, use female curiosity in their favor.

- Keep control: Make sure she never takes control of the situation. For this, it is necessary to keep each moment irrational, that is, that she has no chance to think things through; Women find this very exciting. To achieve this, one must understand the woman's mind and connect at an emotional level. If you reach this stage, you will get her to do the things that she does not usually do, since she will act according to her emotions and not her logic. With this, he will succeed in seducing her successfully.

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