How to make a woman fall in love? Techniques to seduce and conquer


Do you want to learn how to seduce and make a woman fall in love ? Do you want to conquer any girl without being afraid of being rejected?

In the consultations, one of the most recurrent issues is the loneliness and sexual anxiety that men feel because they can not be with a woman. For that reason, I want to help you solve your problem. After all, as a woman and a professional, I know very well what another woman likes.

Regardless of whether you are a stranger or a friend you like, married or single, young or older, all women respond to the same patterns. Here I will show you how to enter the female unconscious to avoid rejection.

To start with here is the stark truth: most men are pretty bad at seducing a woman; I say it as much as a professional and according to my experience as a woman.

Why do traditional methods fail?

The problem is that many men assume that falling in love with a girl involves using a lot of cheating and mastering a lot of complicated techniques to seduce women.

This causes them to stop focusing on women and end up making things much more complicated than they have to be. No matter that you only look for something temporary or you want her to fall madly in love with you, learn these simple but effective techniques to be with the woman you want.

Do you want to seduce a woman?

Leave the act of good boy

It is important that the woman feels sexual attraction towards you and not that she sees you as a friend. This is the biggest obstacle that most men face when they try to conquer a woman.

Many men think that to make a woman fall in love they have to behave very well. What happens is that instead of creating sexual attraction with her, they behave so well that they end up building a friendship. This can be the difference between receiving a kiss on the cheek and having passionate sex nights.

This does not mean that you treat women badly, on the contrary, but neither should you act like a needy man who would do anything to be loved. Later we will talk about techniques to achieve this.

Trust makes you a super model

Falling in love with a girl goes beyond physical appearance. Do you think that the most important thing to seduce women is a defined abdomen and muscular arms? Did you know that most of them would change that for a safe man with whom they can have a pleasant conversation?

The most important thing you have to do to conquer a girl is to treat her with confidence and build a good relationship. When you develop the skills to approach with confidence and create a connection with it, then you already have half the battle won.

The reality is that confidence multiplies immensely your natural attractiveness for a woman, but the lack of confidence has the opposite effect. Later we will go deeper into this topic.

Why is creating an emotional connection essential?

To conquer a woman, whether you know her for the first time or is your friend for a long time, it is necessary to create an emotional connection. It does not matter if you just want to sleep with her or you want to have a courtship, women always need to have emotional contact before opening up to you, either in a loving or physical way.

Passion and love start with the look

If you constantly avoid the look of a woman, you will appear insecure and she will quickly lose interest. This is especially true when you speak to him for the first time.

So, if you want to seduce a woman make sure you keep your eyes on her while you talk to her. Of course, do not keep staring for a long time, because that can scare you. The key is to be natural. Practice in the mirror if you have trouble maintaining eye contact when you speak.

Avoid being false: women see more than you think

Women are very intuitive and can detect a fake person miles away. Do not use those popular phrases to seduce women since you will only get them to distrust you. Think of original and sincere ways to have a conversation so you can make any woman fall in love. If you can not think of any, later I will recommend a guide where they will help you.

Admire her and she will answer you with what you want ...

While it may seem like something that is overused, saying something nice to a woman is a great way to conquer her heart. Women love to be admired, as long as the other person is sincere. Therefore, if you want to make a woman fall in love, every time the conversation allows, find her by telling her that she has beautiful eyes, a beautiful smile or simply that she has a charming personality.

Although this is an infallible way to seduce a woman, do not abuse the flattery because it would make you look fake. Finding the balance requires a lot of practice or proper instruction.

How to make woman fall in love after conquering her?

You have already managed to conquer the girl and have had several dates, but now what do you do to completely fall in love with that person you like?

If you are looking for some method to magically conquer a person, forget it. I wish it were that easy. This requires practice and the right knowledge to make the girl fall in love.

Physical attraction from the female perspective

If you do not consider yourself handsome according to the social standard, do not worry that the physical attraction to which I refer is very different from the concept that men handle.

Women can admire a handsome man, but they really do not care about physical appearance as long as man takes care of himself. By this I mean that you take care of your hygiene, improve your hair style, use a good cologne, buy clothes that fit you, etc.
For a girl to fall in love with you, she has to see that you care about your appearance. Otherwise, you may be the funniest or most witty guy in the world who will not get anywhere in the sentimental area. Take care of yourself and the woman will also want to take care of you. Self-love is essential in order to make someone else fall in love.

Make her laugh and she will open her world for you

The women respond to the guys that make them laugh. Definitely, this is an infallible way to make any woman fall in love. For that reason, when you go out with her she leaves politics for another time, unless she loves to talk about it. If you see her laughing and smiling constantly when you go out with her, you're on the right track to fall in love with that person you like.

Harassment: the formula for disaster

I know that you would like to be with the woman that attracts you all the time, but this is a formula for disaster. I understand that you would love to love that woman as quickly as possible, but the reality is that women are much slower than boys, so we need our space.

If she is attracted to you but you do not see each other so frequently, you bring a bit of mystery to the relationship. Let the woman miss you and she will be the one to look for you. The mystery is important if you want to conquer a girl.

Use the power of mystery and challenge

If you want to make a woman fall in love, make sure she has time to miss you at least during the first dates. You want her to wonder how many other girls are watching you, what you're doing when you're not with her, when you'll call her again, etc.

Of course, do not keep this mystery game for a long time or stop seeing it for 3 weeks to make it mysterious, as this would make you look like someone who plays hard or even disinterested. It is always important to maintain a certain mystery within the relationship, but every extreme is bad.

Pay close attention

Even if they do not admit it, women love having to chase a man. Therefore, it is better if she is a little more interested in you than you, even in appearance. It is always more advantageous for a woman to feel that she has to fight for your love and not that she has the power of decision. You must always be attentive and affectionate with the girl, but do not walk like a lapdog behind her, because if you do so, you will reduce your chance to seduce and fall in love with that person who attracts you.