Meeting with a woman for the first time (Part four)

russian woman

After the visit

Meeting a Belarus, Ukrainian or Russian girl for the first time is a very interesting experience, but many men are not certain about what will be the next step. Here are a few tips on what you can expect after you have visited your lady.

Often a man and a woman want to take their relationship to the next stage. After the visit they must then decide if the man should make another visit so they become better familiar to each other and decide when to start marriage preparation.

Planning for a new visit: You should not be afraid to delay marriage until after you have visited your Russian woman for a second or even fifth time.

Bringing a Russian woman to your country: Bringing home your Russian bride needs money and some paperwork, so prepared. bit complicated procedure and you must carefully think before making any decision. If you are considering marrying a Russian, Belarus or Ukrainian woman, you should carefully research the law and rules in your country as well the rules of the lady’s country.

Remember a foreign woman leave a lot when she chooses to permanently relocate to another country, but the loss of her family, relatives and friends is maybe the most major sacrifice which is a big issue to any Russian woman. Homesickness and the loss of a familiar culture, language and traditions is also difficult for many women. So you should help your foreign wife by introducing her to your family/friends and make as much as you can to include her in own, family and friends activities. Remember your Russian bride will need a lot of support from you. On the other side. On the other hand you should also encourage her to share information about her culture and traditions. Your Russian wife should definitely not give up her heritage when she marry you and moves to your country.

Your visit to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine is valuable learning skill even if your visit do not result in establishing a meaningful relationship.

While visiting a Russian woman seems easy, inexperienced men may not be aware of everything that goes into planning this visit, so it is significant for you to educate yourself about the realities of such a visit.

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