Meeting with a woman for the first time (Part one)

meeting with a woman

After a man has communicated with woman for some time and established a serious relationship with a woman, they will definitely start to think about their first meeting face to face. Though a trip to Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan or Ukraine can be exciting and romantic at the same time, but it’s a big step and not something you should do with urge. There are many things and issues to be considered when planning for such visit.

Before planning for a visit

Men are excited to meet and marry the woman of their dreams, but there are some steps men should definitely consider and take before planning their visit and first personal meeting with a Russian woman.

A serious and sincere relationship is the key

You certainly must fist establish a serious relationship with a lady before even think about visiting this woman. You should wait for some months before planning for this visit. It is also very significant not to hurry and keep calm. You and your future Russian wife need some time to get to know each other better and find out if you both really suit each other. Remember there will be a certain costs connected with your visit beside flight ticket charges. So men who try to visit Russia, Ukraine and other countries before establishing a promising relationship with a girl mostly risk disappointment and heartbreak.

Communication should be good

Prior to making plans to visit your Russian woman, you must first decide if you and this girl have similar intentions, hopes and expectations. We had male members who felt ready for the visit, but afterwards discovered women were not ready for personal meeting yet. Sincere and regular email exchange/chat is the key to preventing possible confusion and misunderstandings in your mutual relationship. You should 100% be sure that a lady and you are thinking the same way before start planning for your trip.

Planning your visit

When a men travels to Belarus, Russia or Ukraine to meet women for the first time, they have to think further than just visa, airfare and accommodations. Planning a meeting needs an extra preparation and attention than planning a usual summer holiday trip.

Showing up unexpected

Though a surprise visit may look impulsive romantic to you, but it is definitely not a good idea to travel to Russia or Ukraine without informing your lady about your visit first.

Just as you have duties and obligations in your country, Russian and Ukrainian girls and women also have work, family and school obligations that can’t be stopped or cancelled at the time of your arrival. Consequently you could find yourself by yourself in a strange city. So you should first organize your visit plan with your Russian woman. We are sure you will be pleased when your lady meet you in the airport.

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