Dating a young Russian woman: pros and cons

young russian woman

The thought of finding a much younger Russian woman, excites men. The age is one of the basic touchstone for choosing a future wife. Men very often state that this criteria does not matter and all ages are to love submissive. Yes, some cases prove this opinion, except that they are rationally exceptional and not a part of the common reality. The reality and the truth is, age gaps can not be avoided when you want to date a Russian girl. There are very young Russian women on marriage agencies and dating sites (as young as 18) but you definitely need to think twice before making your selection. The relationship can not work if you are with a young woman who is 20-25 years younger than you. You will have very different preferences and priorities in life.

Can young Russian woman really be serious about marriage?

If you have ever considered meeting Russian women and trying to find a wife, you may have thought about if young Russian women can actually be serious about starting a family and marriage. The fact is that there is no actual answer for this. Some young Russian women are mature and ready to enter into a serious relationship with a man who will treat them well and be a loving husband in the future. Though, other young women may be too immature to recognize the kind of obligation and commitment marriage requires.

So, what would make men think that these very young Russian women would make such perfect wives?

First of all, the information put out by some of Russian dating sites is not correct and accurate, roping foreign men in with this kind of brainwashing makes men start contacting these young Russian women who are in their early twenties,

Secondly, the exciting profiles of these young Russian women make it hard for many men to give away the opportunity to have a beautiful young Russian wife.

Now, let’s be honest, when you look for a woman for dating, you look at her age carefully and usually leave those women that do not match your age preference. You often consider young women for dating and marriage. Why does it happen? Are they not adult or mature enough? Does she behave oddly and are you frightened to bring her into your life? There are several reasons for such way of thoughts. Nevertheless, we have much to tell you about dating a young Russian woman.

Here is a list of pros and cons of meeting, dating and marrying a young Russian woman:


- She is amassing and very hot. Men say that the golden age of a woman is her early twenties. We are not trying here to say that adult and mature women are worse … they are just different. Of course If you are looking for a hot body and flawlessly shaped forms, a young Russian woman is the best choice for you. Her skin is still thin and elastic; no wrinkles or any other imperfections. She will definitely age and she will change. You have fifteen or in best vases twenty years to please your eyes with her indisputable beauty.

- She is fertile, fit and in a good health. Marriage and family often includes having children as a component part. As a result, future wife fertility becomes a very significant condition of a happy marriage. Of course this doesn’t mean a mature woman is not able to get pregnant after 40s but the chances of successful pregnancy without a risk of miscarriage are limited with some women.

- She hasn’t a messed up and cluttered mind. What is so extraordinary about young Russian women? It is a huge expectations and mental freshness. Youth is a wonderful and amazing state of mind. A young Russian woman is dough in a man’s hands. He can teach her and make the woman he would like to spend his life with. Most young Russian women\en readily learn everything new and like to be taught. Clever men use this period of their young wives in the most beneficial way for both of them.


- She could be bored with you. Remember youth is all about having fun. You would seldom meet a girl of a young age that is focused on scholarship or her career. It is not an issue of age, but a strict rule. Consequently, a young Russian woman might in the long run get bored with living as a family. Some girls need to spend nights dancing and flirting with young men. Keep in mind you can not cool down hot blood of her youth. Even if she genuinely loves you and wants to be with you, her body asks for other kinds of fun and amusements. This might influence your relationship badly and thus lead to the end of your relationship, love or marriage.

- She is completely green and inexperienced. Here, a mature woman is a lot better and a little more suitable for a serious relationship. Her immaturity, aside from being maddening and irritating, often causes unsuitable behavior and regular arguments. What involves even more troubles is a girl’s ineptitude in bed. Her body is created for love and sex, it is amazingly flexible but she doesn’t exactly know what to do with it. In this case, your chief target is to give her all your experience and knowledge. Giving up on a young woman because of her greenness is a bad choice as it might upset her and make problems in her future life as a wife and mother.

- She is childish. This characteristic might look lovable in the beginning of your relationship. But in the future, it becomes irritating and progresses into a misunderstanding and misinterpretation between two of you. If you do like this young woman, give her some time to grow up and help her determine her plans for the future and the representation of being a wife and mother. Some young women infantilism can easily be transformed into maturity. Just do not be too hard on her.

Now let’s talk about the profiles of young Russian women on some marriage agencies and dating sites:

There are mainly three types of these young Russian brides’ profiles:

- Some profiles written by non-serous and careless young women who don’t even bother to read the profile form correctly, and check the wrong partner’s age box which shows up in their profiles as being interested in men from 20 to 55 years old.

- Some young Russian women are writing profiles under the direct supervision of the marriage and dating agencies’ employees, who often teach these girls that, if they choose men from very wide age groups, it will give their ptofiles a better opportunity of being noticed by a larger number of men.

- There are some of these Russian girls who are really looking for a much older man, based on various reasons and motives, which we are not going to talk about here.

Of course, we are not saying that you need to avoid younger Russian women. The basic rule of thumb is not to exceed a gap of 15 years.

When young Russian women go bad

- When they have tattoos and facial piercing
- When they wear provoking clothes. Some men would not go for a young woman with a mini skirt and high heals
- When you do not learn Russian language
- When they smoke
- When you meet them in a nightclub
- When you sleep and live with them for many years outside the context of marriage
- When they drink much from time to time
- When they like to go out with the girlfriends too much
- When they have more interest in you because you speak Spanish, Italian, German or English and want to speak it with you.

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