What photos you should sent to women on a dating site

Below are some tips and advice about what photos you should send to women you met on dating sites:

1- Pay attention at your surroundings. Send pictures that have no messy bedrooms, no garbage and absolutely no bathroom mirrors taken photos.

2- Don’t send pictures with other women.

3- It is a very a good idea to have a number of pictures: some close up portraits and some full lengths. Remember variety always works with women.

4- If possible try send good professional photos of yourself with suit, tie and …. SMILING.

5- Don’t cut anyone out of the pictures. Accidental hand on your shoulder make the photo looks weird.

6- It is a good idea to send your hobbies and activity photos.

7- You might looked better on pictures taken 15 years ago, but you should definitely send your recent photos, because women want to see who do you look now.