Best qualities of Russian women

russian women quality

Is there one thing that Russia can be really proud of? Proud of outstanding athletes? Occasionally, maybe a couple of times per year. Proud of vodka? They make pretty good vodka in Sweden too. Proud of natural gas and oil? Only if you are a Russian oil tycoon. One thing that Russia can really be proud of is its women. They possess certain best qualities that cannot leave many foreigners indifferent.


Beauty is one of the best qualities and distinctive traits of Russian female population. However, when we talk about the beauty of Russian women, we mean the normal, all natural women, and not those who have fallen under the influence of new fashion for silicone and Botox.

The basic characteristic of all Russian women is without a doubt their passion for beauty. All women like dressing well and look pretty, but young Russian ladies seem to succeed in it more. They do not simply want to be attractive. Their goal is to be the most beautiful females wherever they are, whether it is a night club, a working place or a library.

Every morning a Moscow subway is filled up by a large number of women who are wearing their best outfits on the way to Moscow downtown. In the Russian capital and big cities it does not only apply to the young women, however. Middle aged ladies also look like they are ready to conquer the city.

As many Russian women themselves point out, their understanding of a female beauty involves looking feminine. That is why many of them always try to emphasize their femininity. One of these feminine features is high heels. One can often recognize a Russian girl by the fabulous high heels. The shoes in general are a great focus for any fashionable girl in Russia. That is why vendors of stilettos and dress shoes have booming sales in summer. Beautiful shoes are often combined with nicely pedicured, bright toenails.


One of the things a Russian girl can be proud of is her old Soviet-style upbringing. Many women are taught a variety of things during their childhood, such as play musical instruments, sing, dance, foreign languages, gymnastics and other sports. This is something that adds additional value to their inherent beauty and brings up such best qualities in them as love for work, responsibility and reliability. Many Russian women are always busy with something and are very likely to achieve high-level executive positions at work.

Persistence in Life

However, one of the highest merits of Russian women is their persistence and the will to live in spite of the difficulties many of them face in their lives. The life of a woman in Russia is still not easy. The Russian society is patriarchal to a greater degree than in other countries, which is why Russian women are expected to submit to their men. The lack of politeness and affection on the men’s part does not make things any easier. If the girl is submissive, she can often be found in a situation where her husband takes advantage of her by making her work and take care of the family. Considering that many Russian women get married at a very young age (18-19), it is hard for them to pursue their own career goals in life with a wrong partner. However, in spite of all the difficulties, it is almost impossible to find a Russian girl who gave up, did not adapt to her situation and made the best of it.

How to have a relationship with a Russian girl

One of the most popular requests among men involved in Russian dating is how to start a relationship with Russian women. We understand your concern guys, making relationships, especially if you’re having serious intentions and, which is even more valuable, trying to get along with a person from another cultural and mentality background, a tip or two will definitely not hurt your back.

Making out with Russian women is as complicated as with any other women it’s just Slavic girls mentality has couple of own specifics which reflect all the depth of “mysterious Russian soul”.

We’re not here to talk about metaphysical thing but one thing I know for sure – Russian women are very sensitive (do not confuse it with weakness though) so you have to consider this point, developing your romance with these ladies.

A thing to start with is to mention one unconditional feature: women in Russia have a extremely strong character. Most of them know all the ropes of the love game and they lead it well. They know who shall call first, who pays the restaurant bills and what are the holidays to receive presents. Don’t get twisted by their femininity and sensitivity, there are poems and folklore tales about their spiritual strength and you know what? It is all true. They are strong enough to deal with family, kids and job, be involved into social activities, have friends and with all that most of them look stylish and their best. That’s the kind of dynamics Slavic girls got used to. They are the infamous necks that direct the head of their men.

They have this amazing capability of compounding extreme femininity with brilliant ability to have things under control. So if you want to have this fairy bride, you have to be a substantial man yourself. If you’re ready for serious relationships and looking for a wife, a soul mate, Russian woman is just what you’re looking for. Accept her pluses (as we described above) and show her that you realize and respect them. There is no better compliment for a woman than to be fully appreciated by the man she fancies.
Russian women, mostly, love playing gender roles so they will expect you to be the active one. This type of interaction will flatter both – her femininity and your masculinity. Though, don’t go too far this road as you both shall remember that there are things that go beyond gender and primarily you’re both humans and your equality shall be remembered.

Another inherent to Russian females feature is sensitivity. This is an integral part of Russian mentality so the faster you’ll accept it, the better. Pay attention to your partner’s feelings as for those women it is very important, as well as see that you have ones for yourself. Even though there is a belief that Russian women love real men, they, mostly, eager to see their boyfriends feel the same way they do. So if you do have some feelings and emotions – feel free to show them sincerely towards your lady, she will definitely appreciate this delicate contact and it will make you both closer and more opened in front of each other.

The above tips are quite simple: be sincere, appreciative and corresponding to your own expectations. And don’t be a bore! Russian women love active men.