Email tips for men corresponding with Ukrainian, Russian and Belarus girls

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Email is the main mean of communicating with Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus girls. so it’s very important for you to know how to use it correctly and efficiently. Below are some tips and recommendation that will assist you write nice emails that stand out from the crowd.

Keep away from crude humor, pessimistic and disputable themes. Also note that there are some subjects and topics you should definitely avoid in your first emails to girls. Avoid in your first mail writing things about your health issues (if you have them), failed relationships, financial problems, crude jokes and sexual topics (sexual messages are likely to make a woman think that you are only interested in sex which will offended and annoyed her). Moreover, treat potentially explosive topics like politics and religion with care particularly if you are Muslim. Remember you can definitely discuss any topics you wish with the lady on the later stages of you relationship with her.

When you have sent an email to a girl you must be patient and should not set a timeframe for a her response. Unfortunately some man accuse a girl of being a scammer if she didn't answered him and some can even go further and post her photos on anti scam and blacklist pages just because she didn't answer him. As in real life, Russian, Belarus and Ukrainian girls on matchmaking/dating sites are free to do and answer whom they wish. You should not expect them to answer and they are definitely not required to reply to every email they receive.

Remember if you pressures a girl to respond to your email you risk being seen as obnoxious and/or desperate. So just don’t pressure a girl to respond.

Girls all over the world want men to respect them. But sadly the semi- anonymous online dating causes some men to forget their manners and think that hiding behind a computer allows them to misbehave.

By contacting Russian girls be polite and respectful by making a genuine effort to learn about her life, culture and country. Try to listen to what a girl has to say and not minimizing
her feelings and thoughts. Attempt to see the online dating from the girl's point of view and refrain from making silly jokes.

Most men think that correct grammar and spelling is not that important when they email exchange with Russian girls. Generally Belarus, Russian and Ukrainian girls on dating sites can't speak English fluently and most do use translation softwares, so be sure should to use correct spelling and words in your correspondence. This is also important because roper usage makes your emails look more nice and intelligent, furthermore it helps translator programs give efficient and good translation results.

Finally always make your first emails personalized. Start you message by mentioning lady's name. For example instead of beginning your mail with (Hi, Hello there) start it with (Hi Elena, Hello Tatyana, etc).