Why marry a Russian girl?

russian girl

Have you ever thought of marrying a Russian girl? It may sound meaningless and abstract. Why would you marry a Russian girl far away from your home and culture? Why would you marry at all?.

The second question is what you have to decide alone, but the first one has some reasonable answers so it is worth considering. Actually, Russia wives are very popular all over the world. There is some kind of mystery that surrounds around these girls. The truth is that Russian girls are mostly beautiful thanks for their genetic traits. On the other hand, their beauty comes from the fact that they really do want to look attractive for men. But apart from the look, Russian girls have traditional family values, family is very important for them. Some of them also don't actually care much about making a career.

This attitude originates from the Russian society's environment, as it is in fact male dominating. It is expected from a girl to abandon or give up her career when she gets married.

In Russia girls can only reach a reputable social status if they get married and have children. Success for a girl is definitely marriage and children as the main conditions. When you date a Russian girl, you can be absolutely sure that she is looking for a husband and marriage, and not just enjoying going out with you. Feminism is not trendy in Russia, and Russian girls are absolutely feminine and like men that are masculine.

It is also a fact that the Russian girls are highly educated, almost 65% of ladies in Russia have graduated from a college or university. They also consider themselves (The most literate nation in the world). So your Russian wife might be intelligent, too. It is the good news for you. Internet has been flooded with dating services (though some are fake sites), and looking for a wife in Russia is not a dream.

You have the opportunity for dating through the Internet and it won't take a lifetime to find the girl of your dreams. Just be careful and only use genuine agencies in order to avoid scammers.

Silly thing people say about Russian dating sites

“Only creepy losers look for Russian girls.”

It’s true that some men seeking Russian girls are violent or creepy. But, it’s also true that some men seeking local girls are violent or creepy. Unfortunately, talk shows and news outlets tend to feature extremes, so the public gets the idea that all Russian girl seekers are creepy losers. They’re not. Chances are good that everyone knows at least one (normal) man who has given Russian dating a try or has seriously contemplated it.

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