Russian girls’ culture

russian girls

To know characteristics of a Russian girl, one may address the Russian history, Russian literature, the Russian mentality, art and the Russian life. Though, there is always a chance to roll down to declarations and generalizations of stereotypes. There is an opinion that the Russian girls are kinder, caring, thoughtful, more focused on a family than girls in other countries. It is certainly so, however one should keep in mind, that every girl is a bright individuality and the orientation exclusively on stereotypes can be a very big mistake. Among Russian girls there are ones of different ambitions, different character and different life goals. Nevertheless there are things in Russian girls that distinguish them from European and American girls.

The foreign men married to Russian girls, agree that the Russian girls are wonderful wives, they are kinder, more economic and carefully twist (a cozy nest), know how to cook tasty home food with pleasure. But the western girls also take care of families, also manage the home business. Then, what distinguishes them?

Personal space. American girls prefer a lot more personal space than Russian girls do. In Russia, girls are comfortable talking with maybe a foot of personal space between them, whereas American girls prefer closer to three feet. American girls are very uncomfortable with (close talkers).

Repeating (thank you) and (I'm sorry) or pretty much anything will make you look like you can't be trusted in Russian culture. So, apologize once or say thank you once, and then let your actions show that you mean it. Repeating the same words to emphasize them will hurt your credibility with a Russian girl.

American girls may seem very open at first, but in reality it can take a very long time to earn an American girls’ trust. American girls can even become close friends, and then disappear suddenly from your life. This is hard for Russian girls to understand because they value their connections and friendships a great deal, perhaps more than American girls who are used to moving away from family and friends as a part of our lifestyle.

Dating. In Russia, men are expected to pay for all of a girl's expenses when they are on a date. If you offer to (Going Dutch) this can be very offensive, like saying that you don't think he can afford it. Times are changing, so this may not be as big of a deal as it once was. But (feminism) is still frowned on by a majority of girls in Russia. In Russia girls to dress attractively and men are expected to open doors, carry your luggage, and give up seats for girls on public transportation. They are not doing this to (control) the girls - they are doing it out of respect.