Types of Russian women on dating sites

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Women who seek a predator

Speaking of hunting, in Russia there is an enormous amount of defenseless-looking women. Such behavior is widespread in IRL and in many other countries. In Japan, for example, many women trying to look cute and childish in their thirties. This is the type of psychology that assumes the man to be a macho hunter.

Melting ice is your biggest problem with this type. However, once you make her feel special, chase hundreds of miles around the Carpathian forests for a few weeks, she will let her big bad wolf cover her face with kisses and eat her (or drool, if your predatory inner-self takes over).

Women fountaining with negativity

Russian women can be very upset about things, you know. If the previous type had their list of things they seek a man to include, then these women have a list of everything they don’t seek to see in men. Ask any psychologist and he/she shall indicate that such behavior conceals a soft and tender nature. Dealing with them shall come via the lens of her suspiciousness, though. Thus, consider such women only if you have the nerves of steel and some spare time.

Gorgeous non-responders

If you seek Russian women for dating and marriage, you will find thousands of profiles with stunning beautiful women. Receiving an answer, however, is something unbelievable. It is reliably unknown and British scientists debate whether there is a man on Earth to have such answer received. On the other hand, the prophecy says that once there will be a chosen one born – the first one to marry such a gorgeous non-responder and make the brotherhood of men successfully follows in his footsteps. Is it likely that the promised one is actually you? You never know, unless you try.

Flirty attention-lovers

At last, someone who doesn’t wait for you to write something. Easy to spot, sharp and humorous, everything a man seeks in women. They take the initiative, love to flirt and talk.

Such an ideal packages don’t come only with benefits. She needs that attention like an air and keeps in mind that it is the dating site she is at. The whole bunch of males is likely to be messaging her simultaneously along with you, should you join the party. For you not to waste time, proceed only if your communication actually took place and goes well steadily. A good mark of any predator is that he knows when he becomes a prey. Make her your prey so that she finally can’t resist you anymore.

Weak women

It is not like she is going to swoon into your hands when she sees you. Just on the contrary. In fact, this type is exactly the opposite of the previous category. Such women are quite talkative and open during the first steps to the relationship. When it comes to an actual meeting, though, their confidence starts cracking and without an additional enthusiasm your first meeting can get awkward at best.

As they say, everyone has their rats in the attic and women are no exception. She may be a perfect partner for, yet with a few flaws and being shy in this scenario is among them. Just be ready to humor and comfort her. Remembering best moments of your correspondence is the key: “a good joke must be bought at least twice”

Women with a description list

Another touch cookie to taste is a woman with a checklist made deliberately for her future husband. Once you see a profile with a huge set of requirements, then you look at this type of women. Generally speaking, to date a Russian woman means meeting her requirements whatsoever. If you match them, then be sure to spend your honeymoon in Las Vegas with that kind of luck.

Still, considering that people all over the Earth tend to be surprisingly uninformed of their own desires and wishes, trying to win her heart may be worth a shot after all. A lovely romantic letter of affection never hurt anybody.

Ordinary and normal women

Surprisingly enough, but you can in fact face normal people while finding Russian women for marriage on the Internet. As you look through the motley profiles, you trained eye will be able to notice normal women who do not have an extraordinary appearance or career, artistic talents or sharp wits. Such women are often to have a down-to-earth attitude and socializing with them comes easy. Perhaps true beauty is easy to overlook indeed. Approaching them as you are is the best piece of advice. Just smooth-talk that cupid to borrow you his bow.

Total costs of meeting a Russian woman

Bear in mind that when you start dating women from Russia, you don’t need to have $6,000 in the bank. Dating someone may work, or it may not. Initially, you only pay for membership of our agency, which is as cheap as $75, which is definitely cheaper than dating women locally in the usual dinner and movies style. If things are looking up, and you have found the woman you like, the next stage only requires enough funds to cover the costs of your personal meeting. Getting a visa won’t happen too quickly, usually it takes 1-2 months. If this is the woman that can make you happy, then there are ways to fund it, such as getting a second job, etc.

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