How to successfully court a woman online


Have a good profile

a man's profile is the basic thing a woman sees, so it’s important that men on dating websites try to make the best personal advertisement possible. While it can take time and effort, the results are surely worth it.

Current photos are a must

If a male is truly looking for romance and love on a dating website, it’s crucial that he post new photos of himself. Recent photos are necessary, not ones taken 15 years ago. In addition, photos of models or famous actors are obviously not right. The goal for most men after all, is to meet an honest woman to marry. Inaccurate photographs or photographs that are blatant lies undermine this attempt and start new relationships off with a falsity.

Profile photos

Some men believe photos and looks are not important to adult females, but in fact women are drawn to ads with nice photos and men who care enough about the dating process to make a great first impression.

Here are a few indicators to help men choose the best images for their personal advertisements:

Post at least one photo

The only thing worse than posting inaccurate or bad quality photos is not posting a photo at all. Search has shown that personal ads with no images get the least amount of attention on dating and marriage websites, so if a man wants to have a good and successful dating experience he should definitely post at least one photo.

Tell a story

Photos are an fabulous way for men to share the story of their lives. This is peculiarly actual on foreign dating sites where some information can get lost in translation. Instead of posting a simple head shot, men should think of sharing photos that showcase the things and people that are important to them. Photos of family, friends, hobbies, pets, etc, are just a few examples. Such pictures not only make a man seem genuine, honest and warm, the traits that women definitely admire, but also help him stand out in a crowd.

A good profile photo is very important in attracting the interest of women. Just as men are interested in the women's photos, the women want to see what the men contacting them look like. Men who want to boost and improve their chances of finding love on a matchmaking/dating site should only post profile photos that are of good quality and recent. Beautiful and interesting photographs that tell the story of a man’s life are also a great way to catch a lady’s interest and start a relationship with her.

Avoid sending low-quality photos

One of the most ordinary mistakes men make when it comes to personal advertisement pics is selecting images with a bad quality (generally taken by smart phones). Bad quality photos are those that are out of focus (blurry), poorly framed, etc. If a woman cannot acquire a clear idea of what a man really looks like after seeing his picture then he should scrap the photo and start once again. Some men deliberately post blurry photographs in an attempt to look mysterious and intriguing, but more often than not a woman will wonder if this man is too lazy to find a good picture or he is trying to hide something. Remember good photos are a must when sending email to the ladies.

A messy appearance is a turn off

Untidy and dirty men seldom attract women. Actually a dirty appearance is one of the main turn offs for women. If a adult male wishes to attract a woman on a dating site he should send her photos in which he appears tidy and clean. Stained or wrinkled clothing, unkempt beards or goatees, and rumpled hair are unflattering and may make women wonder if a man is so lazy to take care of his appearance.

Personal advertisement content

When making an ad, it’s essential that a man take care with what he writes and how he expresses himself. Here are some tips to help men create ads that will help them eceive positive answers from women.

Be Brief

Though it’s crucial that a man fully complete his profile, there is such a thing as writing too much. Personal advertisements are a way for men to give women a tempting look into their lives and entice the women into wanting to know more. Writing too much can overcome women looking for love and marriage on dating sites, particularly those who are not native English speakers. Profiles that are complete and at the same time brief do well.

Be Clear

Even though the women for example on Russian or Ukrainian marriage sites are not native English speakers, men should still make an effort to write complete sentences, use proper grammar, correct punctuation and avoid unclear abbreviations. The women and their translation software may not understand that (u r nice) means (you are nice). Clarity is always best when it comes to dating foreign girls.

Be Positive

Women like men who are optimistic and confident. In fact, in a recent study Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian women listed these qualities as two of their largest turn ons. Thus, men should take big care with their ads to avoid coming across as negative. Statements like “scammers, cheaters, liars” or “I have doubt that this Russian dating thing will work for me” are best left unsaid. Instead men should focus on qualities they do want in a woman and show confidence in the dating process.

Be complete

Men should always take the time to complete, really complete, the “Autobiography or About Me” and “Seeks Partner or Looking For” sections of their profiles. Space words like “I don’t know what to say” and “Ask me later” are not appropriate for a good text. Sure, sometimes these fields can be hard to fill but if a man neglects to fill them out he risks coming across as insincere or lazy. Women typically respond much better to men who honestly describe themselves and thoroughly complete their ads than to other ones.

Always be optimistic

Who would you rather talk with? A woman who says “I doubt this dating thing will work for me” or the girl who says “I saw your ad and I am really affected, Let’s email exchange”? If the first impression a man makes is that he’s a negative individual who isn’t very eager about meeting someone new, he’s likely to scare away women who might otherwise have liked him very much. Men who are confident, positive and excited about Internet dating are the best future partners.

Keep it light

It’s usual for most men to tell women about the bad experience they had with their past relationships, the cost of a dating agency, scammers stories or how it is difficult to find a bride and a future wife online. Men should definitely should avoid these topics, at least at first communication. It’s best if a man starts his first communication or emails by describing his interests, learn about the woman's interests and goals, and determine if she is a potential life partner. All the other stuff can come later.

Have a few conversation topics in mind

It’s helpful if a man has some subjects and topics in mind before talking to a woman over the phone. This can help him maintain a firm stream of communication and avoid wasting time on idle small talk. School, music, work and a woman's city are all interesting topics that have the potential to develop into meaningful and good conversations. Remember, every woman is unique so a man may have to try a few subjects before finding one that she is passionate about.

Be respectful

Regrettably, some men think that the fees they pay a marriage or a dating service authorize them to have certain rights. These men feel that the women are obligated to answer emails on demand, answers only them, and be willing to discuss any subject the man likes, including sex. In essence, some men treat women from certain countries like Ukraine and Russia like employees of an adult chat room. This behavior is not only impolite and disrespectful, but is almost certain to offend a woman and drive her immediately away.