Sex and Russian girls

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Most Russian girls, as well as Ukrainian in general, to some extent are reserved. Do not be put off if the Russian girl you are courting seems a little standoffish.

This is suitable behavior for a Russian girl. It does not mean that she does not like you. It means that she barely knows you, which is true.

Beware if a Russian girl shows too much feeling and emotion too soon. Her feelings may not be real or genuine under these circumstances. Russian girls are not as outgoing as lets say Brazilian girls, so do not be put off if she is not as outgoing as the girls back home. It is not their nature.

Generally, most Russian girls have a difficult time expressing their feelings, so be patient.

Ukrainian girls tend to be a little more outgoing than Russian girls as they are more reserved. But keep in mind a Ukrainian wife probably will argue about things more than a Russian wife.

On the other hand Belarus girls are somewhat in between Ukrainians and Russians in their character and personality. Certainly, these are generalizations and every girl is different.

Girls in Russia do not show affection in public. Kissing and other displays of affection is supposed to happen behind closed doors.

Holding hands while walking is considered very normal. Opening car doors and other forms of courtesy is expected and is a must.

Do not talk about sex with a Russian girl. Sex is supposed to happen naturally. It is not something you talk about like a medical operation.

The Western practice of clinical talk of sexual preferences and positions is considered nasty and abhorrent to Russian girls. Sex is supposed to be felt rather than talked about and discussed.

Once you are married, you may have to discuss sex freely in more detail, but remember a Russian girl has a preference for love and passion over technique. Show her your affection and passion … and you will be fine.

russian girls