8 Reasons why a Russian woman says No 

russian woman

Russian women can be unapproachable and very cold when they want to. Here are some of the reasons why a Russian woman might says No to a man.

1. You chose a wrong way to approach a girl

Occasionally you will have to take responsibility for hearing “No” from a Russian woman. Maybe the cheap “Hey baby” works with women in your country, but not with a Russian woman. It is very important to be polite, respectful and interesting when approaching a Russian woman for the first time.

2. Your behaviors and appearance

In Russian society manners and appearance are important factors the woman looks at before she starts dating a man. A woman will not be seen with a man who dresses without any consideration for his public image and acts like an idiot. Make sure you always dress tidily and act appropriately, otherwise when you ask her out for a date, she will say “No”.

3. You are poor for her

There are some Russian girls who care about the money more than about the man, Yes they do exist. Of course girls want to be secure financially, there is nothing wrong with this. Definitely there aren’t enough financially secured men for every girl. Luckily, the real intentions of such girls can be seen at the very early stages of a relationship, and if she says to you “No”, it is only part of her game. We recommend you stay away form such girls, because a female, who can’t be happy with a man for what he is rather than for what he has, will never get enough.

4. She only wants to flirt

Some girls enjoy flirting. But when you attempt to make a move they will step back. The reason for this is that they are not ready for anything serious (maybe yet), but they just like being being the center of your attention.

5. She has just had a terrible relationship

If a Russian woman has just come out of a terrible relationship, she will need some time to forget that bad experience. In this situation, you should never push for being her boyfriend. Try to become a friend and with time she will be ready for a serious relationship again.

6. You are not self-assured and confident

Russian women like very much to be guided and guarded by their men. If the woman feels that she is more confident than you are and she always have to take charge, she will without a doubt say “No”.

7. She is with someone else

Don't try to approach a Russian woman that the man she is with is not good enough for her. It always has negative effect.

8. Russian women who hate men

Yes, such women exist not only in Europe, South America or Canada. In Russia there are women who do not care about men’s feelings and in fact enjoy hurting them. From the point of view of psychology it can be explained by previous bad and negative experiences with men, by not having a good father example in their lives and many other reasons. And if you ever meet such a woman, you should stay away.

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