Why and Funny Reasons to Travel to Russia

russian woman

If you are still undecided about where you should go for your next vacation, read the funny reasons for which people travel to Russia and maybe you will make up your mind. Tourists travel to Russia:

- To meet a beautiful Russian girl
- To pet a Russian bear
- Because it is the easiest place to get lost at (the largest country in the world)
- To get arrested and interrogated by KGB
- To experience what communism felt like
- To learn how to cuss in Russian
- Because there is no other country in the world with a higher vodka consumption per capita
- To buy a real fur hat and to actually test its efficiency in -30 Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) degrees
- To be able to tell your friends that you drank Russian vodka in Russia
- To make a lot of faithful friends who’ll teach you how to survive in Russia


Seriously now … Why Travel to Russia?

After a long period of isolation from other countries, Russia opened its doors to foreigners. If discovering a country which was an inaccessible mystery for the entire Western world for more than seventy years is not a reason good enough for you to travel to Russia, let’s review other reasons that draw people to this country.

Out of pure curiosity

Many people travel to Russia out of pure curiosity. This country has very unique things and experiences to offer to its visitors. While Russia is considered to be more than 1150 years old, its history goes back to the beginning of our era. That is why during a visit to any museum or historical place, you will be able to see things that are not just a couple of centuries old, but maybe be a thousand years old.

Being the largest country in the world, Russia encloses huge territories, which is why the variety of species, landscapes, natural zones, and local cultures you are going to see travelling from one end to another is indescribable. One needs a whole lifetime to see it all.

For the love of art

Russian people are famous for their varied forms of craftsmanship and ingenuity. Artistic skills and talent can be found anywhere in Russia. Look at the details of Russian architecture and you will be fascinated by the intricate patterns and beautiful ornaments that decorate many old buildings in Moscow and Old Russian cities. Look at such examples of folk art as Khokhloma and Gzhel, and you will find yourself buying a bigger suitcase to take these souvenirs with you when you leave. The origins of these artistic crafts go back to the times of serfdom and feudalism in Russia, when for many simple folks being skillful in a unique craftsmanship meant earning the respect and a good living for their family.

For the love of women

Many Russian cities are famous for their beautiful, slender, smart and mysterious Russian girls. If you have not met your beautiful Russian princess yet, what is a better place to do it than Russia? Foreign languages are taught in many Russian schools, and that is why meeting someone who actually speaks English is quite possible. Moreover, now that the Russian life style becomes more and more westernized, Russian girls are more open and curious about foreigners and cultures of other countries.