Finding a Russian woman: A short guidance and some tips

russian woman

- You have to include your photo (better photos) with the first email. Remember an email with no photo has much less chance (if any) receiving a positive answer from women. You should attach nice photos preferably in suit and tie (Avoid bath selfi photos). Women in Russia believe in formal photos for first emails. In case that you do not have a suit try to take photos with long sleeved shirt and preferably a tie. Also keep in mind a good photographer will be able to make you look nice even if you are not a handsome man.

- Attach photos in a jpeg format and try to avoid other formats as some women computers might not recognize or be able to open photos in other formats.

- If you are planning to send your email in English language then send it in a undemanding and simple phrases. don't use words that can't be found in dictionaries as some ladies with basic English knowledge will use them. Most women can understand uncomplicated English phrases because most Russians study English at schools as a first or a second foreign language.

- Most Russian women will accept age differences up to 10 years and many will agree to the age difference up to 15 years. However, in some cases some women will don't mind the age difference up to 20 years and maybe more, but this is in a very rare cases. Though Russian women in general rather their future husbands to be a few years older than them but you should definitely find a partner with a suitable age difference.

- Before writing to a woman remember you have the advantage that you already saw her photos, read her profile, took your time and decided that you want to contact her. So don't expect to receive immediate answers to your emails. Also keep in mind when wiring to women your chance to receive a respond is about 4 to 10 and your chance to receive a positive reply is about 1-2 to 10. Of course the response percentage will be more if you are nice looking and not more than 10 years older than her). So the best tip will be: Contact as many women as you can in the first period.

- If you live in a rural city, avoid from women big cities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, because women from those cities will need great effort to become accustomed to life in a small cities. However there are so many ladies in our agency from big cities like Kiev, Minsk, Saint Petersburg and Moscow who are looking for quiet and stable life in a calm and small city.

- When you think the woman is really interested in you ask for her phone number (if her phone number is not provided by the agency already). Remember to check the time difference between your country and Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. Talk to her for a couple of minutes and try to speak clearly and not fast. Keep in mind after your first phone call your relationship with her will be more real.

- Don't be arrogant and think that you are buying yourself a woman. If you did so you will be avoided by ladies. Remember if you treated a woman like a princess, she will be your princess.

- In order to marry a woman from Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia or Russia, you must have enough budget to make it happen, because you will need to travel, stay at a hotel, etc. Of course you definitely don't need to have the money available when you start contacting women but you will need the sum once you have found your woman who will become your future wife.