Dating Russian women: 16 life saving information, tips and advice

russian women

We are going to talk about dating tips for Russian women. Some of them are general and might be applied to any woman in the world; others are unique and work for Russian women only.

1- Before initiating communication with a Russian woman, be sure that you know what you do it for. If you have any specific ideas about relationships (particularly if your point of view differs from a standard one), make sure the woman is aware of your thinking and thoughts. In addition, having thoughts on your future proves your maturity, which is very important for a Russian woman. You can also avoid wasting time, when two of you have very different intentions but it takes weeks to reveal it.

2- Always check the email before clicking on the button (Send). The whole relationship may be over if you use a wrong or another woman name.

3- Russian women have a strong connection with Russia. Actually, this is an integrant part of a Russian mentality. People in Russia love nature and live in harmony with it. Moscow is one of the greenest cities in the world.

4- A Russian woman will not force you to learn Russian language, she would prefer use English, Spanish, German, Italian or try to learn you language. Though, these love their traditions to get a proper respect. Likewise, you should rather respect her relatives and never reject their visits. Even if your Russian woman does not talk about it all the time, she will always miss her family and friends.

5- If a woman suddenly stopped writing to you, it’s fine to send 2-3 light and friendly follow-up emails. If she doesn’t answer you even after 3 follow-up emails, it means this connection didn’t work out. Try chance by writing to other women.

6- Russian women believe that a man is a provider and a woman is a housekeeper. Gender roles are rather concrete and untouched in Russia. A man is responsible for providing his family while a woman should watch after kids, cook, clean the house and do everything that would make their home a comfortable place.

7- Russian men often take women’s housekeeping ability for granted and would force their wives to work even harder. In the end, this attitude destroys their relationships. However, a Russian woman always respects her husband if he acts like a real man.

8- It is a well-known fact that man’s most attractive organ is his brain. Russian women are no exceptions as they highly value smart and intelligent men that can keep the conversation going. As well, a clever man is able to deal with nearly any trouble. That means that a woman will feel secure in relationships with him.

9- Don’t talk any rubbish about Russia, because she loves her land. Also gather the necessary information to know better about Russia.

10- Do not talk about scams, scamming or problems in dating Russian women online and in real life. No lady wants to communicate with men who are suspicious or angry. Avoid problematic issues. It is a dating site, not a discussion forum.

11- Find the right balance between engaging in culture comparisons and speaking personally. Definitely, when dating a woman from Russia, conversation will always stray to the similarities and differences between cultures. But make sure to speak personally with a woman as well so that she doesn't end up as a dull and boring cultural exchange program.

12- Always respect her family and express that you have respect to her opinion as well because Russian women are also love and respect their families very much.

13- Occasionally Russian women need some time to spend with themselves – reading, thinking or doing whatever makes them feel complete. Do not take the personal space away from your Russian woman and she will decorate your life with infinite love.

14- When sending an email make sure that you are writing from your heart. Russian women can feel it.

15- Appreciate and compliment her looks and appearance when you meet her. This will make her believe that you know how to start a conversation with females which is very important.

16- Make sure that you wear the right type of nice cloths when you go to date her for the first time, though she will concentrate more on your character, but cloths do make a difference with Russian women.

Just as any woman in the entire world, any Russian woman wants to be loved. That is factually all she needs. Love your woman and make her feel happy – and she will give you twice as much appreciation and gratitude.

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