How to meet a Russian woman

russian woman

You can use many dating services to meet women from Russia as long as it actually works … search for it and you will find hundreds stories proving it. Let’s start with several ways to meet Russian women. (We will also discuss how to meet Russian women in real life below)

Here are some ways of meeting women from Russia:

Online dating (Dating sites and marriage agencies)

Let us start with something quite simple. Since you are on our dating site, you are certainly into Internet communication. You may most likely find a lot of sites and services that engaged in connecting Russian women with foreign men. We are not going to give any guidance or recommendations about what is the best dating site or marriage agency, but, what has to be revealed is that Russian online dating has some disadvantages and drawbacks. The issue with sites that don’t provide women’s personal contact details is you may never know whom you really messaging with until you use Skype, Whatsapp and other video communication apps. Most Russian dating services (particularly the free ones) can not guarantee the genuineness and authenticity of every woman profile. In spite of this, Russian women are excited to meet foreign men. You will also have a lot of fun chatting with a Russian woman, even if you didn’t manage to start a relationship with her, it will help you understand these women better and try with another one. To finish, we would like to advice you being cautious and careful with online dating … and we are talking not only about Russian dating sites.

Look for Russians in your city

It might sound a bit odd but Russian Diasporas are one of the biggest in the world. Immigrants from the Soviet Union (USSR) and Russia may be found almost in every country of the world. If you live in the USA, Canada, Australia or one of the big cities Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil or Mexico, you are likely to find some Russian families in the neighborhood. Beside from getting acquainted with a Russian woman, you will also have a chance to learn more about Russian culture and traditions. Remember Russian people are always ready to contact with anyone who approaches them respectfully and kindly.

Visiting Russia

This one sounds a little difficult, but let’s give it a try and here is why: Russia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Most people get fascinated and charmed by this country when they first visit it. We recommend visiting Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Voronezh, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, and other Russian cities if you really want to look for beautiful Russian women for marriage. Most young women from all over Russia come to these cities for studying, seeking jobs and definitely most of them are also seeking love, dating and marriage. You will have a wonderful opportunity to taste some delicious and tasty Russian dishes and discover historical and cultural places. What is also good about meeting Russian women in their homeland is that they feel much more comfortable and safer. As a result, it will be much quicker and easier for you to get acquainted and meet a woman you like.

How to meet Russian women in real life

After you met a Russian woman on a dating site, next, you will want to see each other face to face in real life. It is very simple and cheap to do yourself instead of buying an expensive organized tour to meet a Russian woman.

In principle, you can either visit Russia or organize a meeting with her in a third country. We don’t recommend you inviting her to first you for the first personal meeting. Most men (the lazy ones) believe that inviting a Russian woman to visit would be the most convenient option; though, in many cases a Russian woman will be afraid and hesitate to travel to a man she met on a dating site.

Think of meeting your woman the same way as if you were on a street with many men on that street. The one who approaches first has more chances of talking to her. If you are the first to visit this woman, and she is communicating with 5-6 men online, most of them will never travel to Russia to meet her personally. If you take an actual step and visit her, she may be yours for the rest of your life.

Visiting Russian women in Russia

If you choose to use this way, you have complete manage and control on your arrangements. Ask your Russian woman you are planning to visit and meet about a good hotel in her city that is close to where she lives. You do not need to visit her for a long time, even if you come just for a couple of days, this will be enough for you and her to get to know each other.

Here are what you should do:

1- Check with your woman and make sure that she is not busy and will be there during your visit to her city in Russia.
2- After your woman gave you a few hotel names, check them on sites like,,,, and review their rates.
2- Find cheap flight tickets online.
3- Book your hotel.
4- Organize your Russian visa through sites like, and

Meeting a Russian woman in a third country

We will advice you meet your Russian woman in a country that is near Russia and which doesn’t require visa for Russian citizens like Turkey for example. You also should definitely order and buy her plane ticket.

Comments from the web:

- A Russian woman looking for a real relationship instead of a passport would date you for at least a year before getting engaged.

- I am engaged to a wonderful Russian woman I met on line. I met on I checked other web sites and I liked this one the best. They do a good job of protecting their clients’ best interest.

- The reason the women in Russia are looking for husbands outside of there country is simple. Unlike the Canada, US and other countries, there are more women than men. They have tried meeting someone in Russia but have not been able to do so. Just like the men in the US for example who did not start looking for a wife abroad. It is another way to meet a woman. Yes you will hear stories both ways on how these relationships do not work but there are a lot of love, marriages and success stories as well.

- No Russian woman is going to marry some random man she has only met for a short time unless she is using you for money. If she was looking for love she'd be dating you for at least 6 months before marriage preparation would even be discussed.