Why do Russian and Ukrainian girls look Like Models?

russian ukrainian models

Why are the men worldwide so fond of finest Russian and Ukrainian girls? The reason is that girls in Russia and Ukraine really want to be attractive and do their best to achieve this goal. Despite the lack of time and small income Russian and Ukrainian girls keep their appearance, figure and health thoroughly. There are both slim and plump girls in Russia and Ukraine, but there are hardly any seriously uncared ones. Nowadays uncared single Russian and Ukrainian girls, who pay no attention to their health and female attractiveness, miss their chances not only in the issues of marriage but also fail to find any well-paid and respectable job.

From childhood up pretty Russian and Ukrainian girls learn to respect men and to attract their attention. They read fashionable girls magazines, study psychology of men and spend their last money for stylish foreign dress and make-up, which are extremely expensive in Russia and Ukraine. All single Russian and Ukrainian girls do not spare money and time to keep fit and healthy. That is the reason why fitness clubs and various medical treatments that promise you sexual appearance are one of the most popular and beneficial business in nowadays Russia and Ukraine.

Recently we can observe a strange and unnatural tendency emerging in the West. Proclaiming gender equality and emancipation, girls are getting to contradict their initial female nature. Moreover, many of them regard recognizing girl as a sexual object as something offensive. Here from comes the indifference to personal appearance and shape, which finally results badly in girl's health in general.

Fortunately, this situation does not take place in Russia and Ukraine. Russian and Ukrainian girls and girls do not regard their sexual attractiveness as something humiliating or jeopardizing their rights. At the same time, that does not mean that they are willing to go to bed with any man. The idea of sexuality involves much more than sex with anybody. Sexuality implies pleasure everyday, inspiration and healthy life-style. Therefore Russian and Ukrainian girls are not afraid of being good-looking since beauty and sexual attractiveness are something really natural.

Comments from the web:

- I've noticed the same thing although I don't know that I would limit it to Russian girls models exclusively. I think it is that whole Eastern Bloc region. Like Ukrainian girls as well, but they definitely have some superior genetics. From the gorgeous skin and hair to the beautiful lips, large eyes and legs all the way up to heaven! And don't get me started on those seductive accents!

- My wife is Ukrainian and has stunning looks. We were told that it is genetics by our local vicar. He told us that there were many pretty girls who were burned at the stake as witches during the middle ages in western Europe and that never occurred in eastern Europe therefore genes were never passed on in western Europe. Not sure how true that is but its an interesting thought.

- All Russian and Ukrainian girls are beautiful like models because they take care of themselves. Russian girls are exceptionally beautiful since many Russians are mixed blood. If you know your history during historical times the Huns and Mongols raped many girls and then carry on their blood to the next generation. Also many Russians are mixed( not by choice though) with German blood even before WWI. For the most part Russian girls give ALL men a full hard-on with their sensual accent. If I had a choice between American girls and Russian girl Hands Down I'll choose the Russian or Ukrainian girl.