7 mistakes in first email that turn Russian women off

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Generally, the reason why you don’t get many responses from Russian women is that your first email doesn’t grab their attention. Remember your first email is you. The same as girls size you up when you approach them on the club, pub, street or anywhere else in real life, they check out you once the receive your first email. Before answering, a Russian woman will examine and read carefully your email: she will read what you wrote about yourself and look at your pictures to get a initial idea of what kind of a man you are and whether she is interested in you. You only have a couple of minute to make an impression on a Russian woman that is reading your email, so make sure it represent your personality and gives her the right feeling about you. Very often men don’t pay adequate care and attention to their first emails and as a result, end up complaining about limited and low responses from Russian women. They can be great men but due to failure and inability to present themselves in a good way might prevent them from being successful at dating Russian women. If you want to successfully meet a woman online, you need to avoid the following faults and mistakes.

1- Excuse or justification.

Even though looking for a future wife on a dating site has become a usual thing, many men still think it’s awkward or embarrassing. That is why they write in their mails a kind of disclaimer – phrases like (I can’t believe I have come to this) or (I am writing to you out of curiosity). If your email to a Russian woman contains a similar expression or words, delete it because it sounds unattractive and repelling. Don’t say that because it is clear as day: you are looking for a woman for dating and marriage. In addition, your words might offend Russian women who are reading your emails making them think there is something wrong with them.

2- Addressing a woman.

Many men start their mails with an improper greeting. Usually, it’s something like (Hi) or worst (Hi beautiful / Hi gorgeous). They overlook and forget one very important thing. These words will be read by a particular Russian woman and when she sees this, she will get a feeling that you are impolite and rude. The best option here is to address a particular woman by mentioning her name .. Hi Elena … Hi Anastasia … etc

3- Writing your life story or biography.

Do you always read long descriptions till the end? Russian women who open your email want to get to know some facts about you; they don’t want to read your biography in the first email. three or four paragraphs of information about yourself will do otherwise they get bored quickly. The other reason why being too wordy and verbose in your first email is a mistake. You kill the enigma or the mystery. Remember mystery always excite Russian women.

4- Being negative.

Your first email to a Russian woman is not a book of complaints so don not list the things that you dislike and hate in it. You will definitely be able to talk about it later. Instead, try to focus on the things you admire and appreciate, that that make you inspire and happy you.

5- Indicating your financial status.

It is clear that you want to let a Russian woman know that you are an independent man who will be able to support his future family. Yes, a Russian woman wants to know it but you must not write about your financial situation in your first mail. Remember these details can attract the wrong type of women who are only after men’s money.

6- Self-praise.

No matter how self-assured and confident you are, don’t describe your personality and traits using stilted and pompous words. (I am one of a kind) doesn’t sound nice but rather funny. How are you going to show it? If you are sexy, she will see it in your photos. If you are clever, smart and intelligent, your Russian woman will learn it during your future communication.

7- Excessive abbreviations and emoticons.

Remember you are writing to a Russian woman who native language is not English, Mexican, Italian, German, etc. So if your mail will be full of abbreviations and jargons, she might not understand it. So don’t let these and the typos and blunders spoil your image.

Comments from the web:

- Be patient and caring. Remember that your Russian woman needs to learn so much and sometimes it will feel overwhelming for her. A Russian woman should be sure that you support her in every step. Don’t speak diminutively about Russia. During that period of adjustment she might be oversensitive even to jokes about that issue. Keep bringing her little signs of your love and devotion such as a little box of chocolates or flowers. Be thoughtful and creative – sometimes the smallest gift goes the longest way, and “small” does not necessarily means diamonds.

- If you're communicating and dating a Russian woman, and you wish to do something really interesting and romantic, write her a poem.

- Another great idea for being an online romantic is to send her some pictures of great places around where you live. If you snap a picture of a pretty sunset, a peaceful lake, or you (missing) her, a Russian woman will love them.

- Say hey, how it is going. Ask your Russian woman how her day was, tell her about yourself, ask her about herself. Russian women love to talk about themselves, so ask a lot of questions and compliments are always a good thing.

- When sending the first email to a Russian woman, you can indicate that you are looking for a serious relationship and marriage.

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