What you should know before giving a Ukrainian and Russian woman flowers

ukrainian women flowers

Women all over the world love receiving flowers. It is a pleasure both for a man to give and for the woman to accept them, because flowers are a symbol that conveys a much more powerful message than a card, a compliment or even a love letter. Bouquets of beautiful blossoms, in all their diversity, can declare wars and confess love.

However, before giving your Russian or Ukrainian woman a beautiful bouquet, any man should know that depending on the kind of flowers you chose and the way you give them, the woman will form a certain opinion about a man. For example, if you carry a bouquet in a rough negligent manner, your Ukrainian woman will believe that this is the way you will treat her. So, if you want to avoid making a bad impression but still want to give her that special moment, follow these rules.

1. The number is important

While in Europe, Canada and the USA the flowers are often sold in dozens and most often bought in even numbers, it is something you will not see in Ukraine and Russia. Flowers are sold individually and bought in odd amounts in all flower stores in Russia and Ukraine. The even number of flowers is only used to form bouquets that are taken to a cemetery on Remembrance Day or for a funeral. If you happen to give your Russian woman an even number of flowers, you should explain your tradition to her before you get in trouble. It is also not recommended to give thirteen flowers, as thirteen is considered to bring bad luck in Russia, as well as in many other countries.

yellow flowers

2. Yellow is a bad color

In Russia yellow flowers symbolize separation. Yellow bouquets are usually given to those who are leaving home. A man can give his girlfriend a yellow flower as a very strong suggestion that he wishes to break up with her. That is why if you have no plans to part with your Russian woman, you are better off staying away from any kinds of yellow flowers. Unless of course you know that she likes them and will not take it the wrong way.

3. Avoid red carnations

For a very long time, red carnations used to be a symbol of war and army in Russia. In the Soviet Union they were given to soldiers who left to war and then were laid on the graves of soldiers who never returned alive. Red carnations are still the most common flower put on soldiers’ graves on May 9, which is the day of celebration of Russia’s victory in the world war 2. This is why over a long period of time they came to symbolize death. For that reason, bringing a bouquet of red carnations to a date with your Russian woman may be quite improper.

russian woman flowers

4. Quality matters

If you care about the impression you make on the woman, you should choose the freshest flowers available. In Ukraine, Belarus and Russia there is a belief that flowers are capable of sensing people’s emotions and moods. That is why if the bouquet given to a woman by her boyfriend withers in one day, it is believed that his feelings for her are not strong and will “wither” away soon. To pick the freshest flowers you need to look around the edge of the leaf. If the edges are dark or look like they have been cut off (which is what sellers do to make them look fresh), they are not fresh cut.

5. Bring Russian flowers

Chamomiles are your best bet. They are considered to be the traditional flower of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia and are often seen growing in the wild in this country. Even though they are not a common flower to be commercially sold, they are a special gift which will never be forgotten.