How to win and seduce a difficult woman?

difficult woman

Do you want to win a difficult woman but you feel frustrated? She can send mixed signals, make you doubt yourself and make you feel bad when she rejects your advances. No one likes to be confused or rejected when trying to seduce a woman, and this can eventually make you give up the idea of seducing that woman who attracts you.

But, a difficult woman can be worth the challenge. She can be making sure that you are a worthy type of her, and that she shows a lot of self-confidence. Usually, women who play difficult often have many suitors, so you'll have to deal with this if you want your precious prize.

Ways to seduce and win a difficult woman

- Never seem to be desperate - If you feel desperate to get the girl, she will smell it miles away. Keep calm around her and do not put yourself in the puppy mode that she needs, otherwise, you are giving her the power. Difficult women usually want men with great confidence and will reject a desperate man without thinking.

- Not reacting to what she says - Women like to throw bombs in a conversation because they like to have a reaction. Difficult women want to measure how much they like you and the effort you are willing to put into it. Whatever it says, you must remain calm no matter what she said to make you lose your composure. Pay attention to your body language more than your words.

- Keep calm when she acts strange - She will also try different things like being flirtatious for a moment and cold the next. Once again, these are just tests that she does to you to see how you react. Never be rude or despairing, but continue to act normal, regardless of whether he acts affectionate or not.

- Do not stop trying even if she says no - As mentioned earlier, difficult women will constantly put your trust to the test. For example, you have been seeing a girl in college or at work and you ask for her number, but she says no. Do not stop there, build a deeper relationship, connect a little more and try again later. When she says "no", she's often measuring your confidence level. Do not let that "no" affect your game.

Difficult or impossible woman?

It is important to make the difference between a woman who "plays" to be difficult but is really interested in you, and another who does not have the slightest interest in you and is playing with you or feels sorry to reject you directly.

If she agrees to go out with you and answer your calls or texts but the problem is that she is not showing her interest in you, then do not worry about it. Just because she is not showing her affection now does not mean that she will not do so in the future.

Therefore, do not ruin your chances with her by being rude or harassing her. Instead, let things progress naturally and stay in the game as long as you feel comfortable.

Otherwise, it is better to forget the girl if she never answers your calls or texts, she has told you that she does not have the slightest interest in you, she does not tell you her personal things, she only calls you for interest, etc.

When is enough?

If she does not show you affection after several months, then think about moving forward because that is not necessarily a woman who is playing hard to get, but is a woman who is simply playing with you or not really interested.

A difficult woman does not want to make you look like a fool, but she is trying to feel special and wants you to struggle to get her. Just make sure that you are a man who is really interested in her and is willing to wait for the necessary time.

Trust your instinct about this. If you feel that she only plays with you it is better to look for another woman, but if you feel that you are making progress and that it is worth waiting for, then be patient. Just do not let them step on you or use you.

The conclusion is that most women want a boy who tries hard to conquer them. A woman who plays at being difficult wants a man to show her that she really cares and is willing to strive for his love. If you do that, then you have a good chance of winning it.