What Ukrainian and Russian girls want?

ukrainian and russian girls

First of all we want to assure you that most of Russian and Ukrainian girls looking for men from other countries are not hopeless or desperate to find a husbands abroad or immigrate from Russia and Ukraine. The women in our agency are well smart, educated, attractive and most have good jobs. It definitely would be a mistake to believe that they are only after immigration, foreign passport or a green card.

Actually women from Russia and Ukraine are looking for honest, healthy, marriage minded, financially stable and good looking partners, but we also want to admit that looks and appearance is not the main criteria for girls. In Russia and Ukraine we have a proverb" A loving heart will make you happy not a pretty face". Of course no girl is dreaming of getting married to a man who is struggling everyday to survive, ugly, homeless, has health problems and awful character. Keep in mind If you contact them and do or say wrong things, they will reject you because they are neither desperate nor just looking for a way out of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Now let’s talk about what are the most important things for Russian and Ukrainian girls. Security and love are number one. In most of our girls profiles you will read that they want their future husbands to be understanding and loving.

Another popular requirement you will find in girls personals are "financial stability". In short, it means, you must have a stable job, a home and be able to support your family.

Of course you don't have to be a millionaire. It is good enough to have a stable job; but keep in mind the better your financial condition, the easier you will make contact with a nice girl, and if you are from the USA you will have less problems from the United States citizenship and immigration service in bringing your fiancée into the states.

By no means does this mean that Russian girls are looking for your money. absolutely not. they are looking for a like-minded partners. On the other hand, you should know that girls in Russian and Ukraine are suffering so much with everyday life and they want to be sure it never happens to them again. Remember A Russian wife will stick with you through any turn of fortune, whether you go up or down.

You can expect that marriage to an Ukrainian or a Russian girl will be full of emotions, love, passion and a lifetime of happiness. These women will give everything to their marriages, in the hope of having a loving husband and giving birth to happy healthy children.

Your excellent financial standing may impress girls at first, but then other issues will count: you must build up a relationship that works, and this involves generally emotional factors. Love for girls here includes loyalty and commitment. The girls need assurance you are ready to offer this commitment. If you are not seriously looking for a marriage, girls won't take you seriously. They are not looking for pen pals, chat or friends.

Remember a Russian girl will compare you to men in her country. So do you know what you're up against? What will it take for a Russian girl to choose you and decide that you're the man for her? The man for whom she will leave her usual life, friends, family and country behind?

We really hope that the information you read above will assist you to make the correct choice. You must understand that each girl has her own character and that what works for one lady will not work for another.

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