Understanding a Russian girl

russian girls

When you are disappointed in dating with girls in your country, you may realize that there is a big potential in dating with Ukrainian and Russian girls. While you fear that a long distance relationship with girls from other countries just may not be easy, you might be surprised to find out that there can be unbelievable advantages to dating Ukrainian and Russian girls.

You can find below quotes from our men members who shared their thought about Russian girls.

Men who disclose their opinion about Russian girls intend no offense to anyone, they only tell their feelings and thoughts.

"Russian girls look feminine, and femininity is awesome."

Steve, Australia, prefers girls to look and be feminine. He thinks that many Australian girls are more concerned with comfort in their dresses, and definitely not with their look.

He says: "Russian girls look like real ladies to me, that is they wear heels and dress feminine and enjoy being real women."

Steve mentioned one more fact: the common physical shape of Australian girls vs Russian girls. Steve says that in general Russian girls are in much much better physical shape. While in Russia, he is always shocked at how slim and fit the girls are and how there are.

In an overall, Steve prefers Russian girls because they have attractiveness and they really enjoy looking feminine.

"Russian girls are down to earth and not spoiled".

Owe from Sweden, says that he heard a lot of other men saying just what he was about to say. Russian girls have the reputation of more sensible and down to earth and less spoiled than Swedish girls.

Owe has been to Russia 3 times and had some experience with Russian girls. He also had some negative experience too. Though, in general, he found Russian girls as he said, heads and shoulders above Swedish girls.

"Russian girls are family oriented".

William, from the USA believes that the material needs have driven most of American girls to become more independent. Moreover, American girls want a man to be there for them, but they don’t want to change their lifestyle. William says that American girls have less of a sense of family and more of a sense of individualistic requests. Any man that doesn’t fit into American girls' targets isn’t a suitable husband”.

Many of the girls William dated in New York refused to have anything to do with his family and would rather to rarely visit, but not have family become an essential part of their lives. He also say" For sure, many of my girls friends also find that their boyfriends want nothing to do with their family. Again, I think this reflects upon our individualistic background and has less to do with sex.”

William says: “I need a girl who will accept my family and will be willing to have family vacations with me. I am totally open to accept her family as my own." What William observes in many of the Russian girls is a greater sense of family and that is exactly what we wants from his future wife.

"It looks like there are more of single girls who are keenly looking for marriage in Russia than there are in America. As for me, I have found an amazing, beautiful, caring and loving Russian girl who is shares almost all of my goals in life than nearly any girl I have met in my life"

Comments from the web:

- Qestion: Has any man out there had a relationship with a Russian girl?

- Answer 1: I am about to marry a Russian girl. She is the most wonderful girl I have ever met and I have dated American girls for 15 years. American girls are unappreciative and spoiled. The female movement has taught them to blame every male for 6000 years of man-dominated civilization. It has taught them to repress their natural sexuality and femininity as being demeaning. They may have equal rights and pay, but they are no longer "girls". Russian girls are just as smart and independent as American girls, but they have not forgotten that they can be 100% women and really enjoy it. They are proud of their sexuality and femininity and know that while they are equal to men, but they don't have to be a man to be equal. I have always sent my Russian girlfriends flowers, but today I got more thanks from my Russian fiancé than I have ever received from any of my 8 American ex-girlfriends combined. Guys .... WHY did I waste 15 years dating American girls?

- Answer 2: Do you know why American men are not gentlemen anymore? Because starting 40 years ago American GIRLS told them to STOP being gentlemen. I cannot tell you how many girls have told me to stop opening doors for them, to stop insisting on lifting the heavy boxes, to STOP TREATING THEM LIKE LADIES.

- Answer 3: The generalization about American men wanting Russian girls so they can be lazy is false. We're just tired of American girls trying to make us into second-class citizens.

- Question: What is it like to date a Russian girl?

- Answer 1: To generalize, Russian girls are very family oriented and protective of their family, tend to be jealous of other girls, they are independent and hard working, seem cold and distant to others, but are really very hot lovers. They treat their men like gods, feed them well, and are experts at letting a man think he runs things and makes the decisions - but are extremely capable of controlling the situation. You always know where you stand with a Russian girl.

- Answer 2: In general, despite views on the subject, most of Russian girls are NOT gold diggers. They tend to be quite happy with simple things in life, and are vey thrifty.

- Answer 3: I would think they are like girls from anywhere. If you treat them well, then most likely you will be treated well too.

- Qestion: What are the stereotypes for Russian girls?

- Answer 1: Typical stereotypes are:

1. Russian girls are all beautiful.
2. Russian girls are all scammers.
3. Russian girls are beaten daily by their drunk husbands.
4. Russian girls only marry Western men to get a visa and residence in another country, then will divorce him and take all his money.

- Answer 2: I had some Russian girls colleagues at university and they all were very beautiful: slim, blonde and blue-eyed.

- Answer 3: All Russian girls I met seem to be beautiful and always turn heads.

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