Reasons Why Ukrainian women look for foreign husbands

ukrainian women

If you search for “Ukrainian women look for foreign husbands”, you will get hundreds of dating and marriage sites. Why these well-educated and beautiful ladies are looking for husband outside Ukraine?

First reason of this growing tendency is hidden in the social factors. In Ukraine there is a much higher number of females than males and every year this difference is increasing. By statistics, women here outlive men on an average of 12 years.

Most of girls in Ukraine get married at a very early age. The girls, who were busy with their education or making a career and didn’t get married by 25-30 years old, do not have much choice left. The men who are still available in their 30’s and 40’s are already married or simply not interested in serious relationships and marriage.

Another reason is the low quality of Ukrainian men. Most of Ukrainian women, even those who have no plans for leaving their country and marrying abroad, consider their Ukrainian men irresponsible and insecure. The population discrepancy mentioned above, and a huge number of beautiful, smart, available young women made men here chauvinistic and spoilt. They take a full advantage of their scarcity, treating girls badly and with no respect and yet, still get to find a wonderful woman to marry.

Refusing to accept this painful destiny, many girls apply for Internet dating, hoping to find a suitable husband to start a family with. They find foreign men more responsible, family-oriented, sensitive, caring, and they are sure foreign men make better husbands and fathers. These women like to be treated with respect, love and appreciation, what they lack to find in their local men.