Success plans for finding a wife on Russian dating websites

russian wife

Once a man has become comfortable with the idea of seeking Russian women online, he may begin looking for tips and advice about what to do next.

What a man can do to go on to have a successful dating experience? Many men become terrified by the process of online dating and quit even before they have given it a chance. Despite being around for several years, the Russian (Ukrainian and Belarus) dating industry is a mystery to most men.

Below are some common but unrealistic expectations for men interested in finding Russian brides and foreign brides in general.

Men can’t buy Russian women

Unfortunately some men believe that paying membership fees to a dating service means they are guaranteed to find a wife. Some even go so far as to claim that a dating site is a scam if they pay to communicate with girls but are unable to find a life partner. This is definitely a wrong belief.

The reality is that a man is not entitled to a Ukrainian or Russian bride because he is a paid member of a dating agency/site. The service charges these agencies ask for go toward providing communication means (email addresses, phone numbers, Skype names, postal addresses. etc) women and men who would otherwise never meet. This money is certainly not a deposit or down payment on securing a future wife or a bride. Remember there are no guarantees when it comes to finding love even if membership fees are involved.

Ukrainian and Russian girls are not desperate

Many men believe by mistake that Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian girls, desperate to escape the poverty of their countries and will marry any man who has a foreign passport. Keep in mind that life has very much improved in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus since the fall of the Soviet Union and the vast majority of girls are not desperate and poor to change their entire lives to marry any man.

Also some men suppose that women on Russian or Ukrainian dating sites should cater to men wants as they (the men) pay to use the service and the women do not. This is unrealistic belief. If you joined a Russian dating site, you should never expect a woman to respond positively to your email, agree immediately to visit you, etc. only because it is what you wants her to do.

Send or request explicit things

While it may seem clear, a man should never send explicit things to a woman without her permission, nor should he ask for explicit things from her. The focus of serious and legitimate Russian dating sites is to ease love matches between their members not to act as a doorway for adult communication. Remember you always have to keep it clean unless you have a woman’s permission to do otherwise.

Not behaving like a gentleman

Russian women appreciate men who behave like real gentlemen. In a survey organized by our agency, Russian ladies pointed out respect and good manners as two qualities they’d most like to find in a man. Unfortunately some men forget their manners when communicating and email exchange with women and definitely this in most cases can prevent a man from finding his future wife online.

Russian women know that men pay to use dating websites. Though that doesn’t mean it’s all right for men to complain about the costs. Remember women have no control over the costs and many feel uncomfortable when would-be suitors declare their dissatisfaction and frustrations. Worse, when men complain about courtship costs it often seems that they are bitter or regretful about the money they have spent or that they don't think the woman is worth the effort and expense.

Of course this may not be the man’s aim, but it is often the way the message is perceived. To avoid hurt misunderstandings and feelings, men should always refrain from talking about the costs of dating agencies with women they meet on agencies' sites.

If a man wants to build a stable relationship with a Russian woman, he should try to keep a stable stream of communication. A man must remain in touch with a woman if he wants a promising relationship to develop.

There are plenty of things to talk about, the relationship is exciting, and the novelty of courting Ukrainian and Russian women has not yet worn off. As time passes, however, a man might begin to send less and less emails or stop calling the lady frequently. Though this reaction is common, men who are serious about starting serious and meaningful relationships should always try to keep in touch with women they want to know better. Often, promising relationships be unsuccessful or fail because one party or the other stops communicating.

Some men are too demanding when pursuing Russian or Ukrainian girls. These aggressive men imagine and expect every woman they correspond with to respond immediately and positively to all of their emails. In addition, some of these men can insult women who are not interested and even make unfounded scammer accusations. Make an effort to be respectful and polite and you are sure to improve your chances for finding the Russian bride.

Remember the rules on Russian dating mirror those of the real world. The well-mannered and polite man will definitely get the woman. The pushy and arrogant man will be ignored.

Finally you should understand that a woman may misunderstand you too, so always be patient when things mix-up. Remember understanding and communication are critical to maintaining a stable relationship that will lead to marriage.

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