How to excite a woman and give her an orgasm

woman having an orgasm

Do you want to know how to excite a woman ? Do you want to warm her up so much that she dies of wanting to have sex with you? Whether you are looking for physical intimacy with that girl you like, or want to excite your girlfriend, sexual partner or friend, this article will give you the answers.

If you learn badly, you do it badly ...

One of the reasons why so many men are terrible to excite a girl, is that most of their knowledge is acquired from other boys who are also bad with women (although they believe the opposite). Or even, there are men who think that what they see in adult films is what women really want.

If that is the way you have learned to awaken the sexual desire of women, then many solitary nights await you with your hand as the only consolation. You need to know exactly what works to warm a woman to the point that she ends up looking for you to have passionate sex.

Learn to touch her

In this aspect, most of the boys get their "instruction" of adult films, which are completely removed from reality. If you're used to seeing those kinds of movies and you think that women really get excited about that, you need a review of your reality.

The following recommendations will serve you, whether you want to excite a girl you are meeting, or want to learn how to excite your girlfriend, wife, friend or any woman with whom you have sex.

Seduce a woman with subtle touches

It is very important to know what pace to go, as hurrying a woman is not the best way to go. Usually, this leads to a bad experience for her, and therefore, for you too.

Although it may seem slow, you can start by touching her arm or lower back while you kiss her. Many men think that they should go directly to the intimate parts, but at the beginning it is better to seduce them with touches and subtle kisses to increase their desire.

You must be aware of their reactions when you touch them. If touching any part of your body makes the notes uncomfortable or removed, find another place where you like to be caressed.

Make the woman beg for being penetrated

Did you know that most women need up to 30 minutes of previous play before they can have sexual stimulation? In simple words, you have to be patient and master the art of the previous game.

Obviously, women are excited by physical contact, but you have to know how to touch it. To begin with, not always the most "obvious" places are those that warm a woman the most.

A very common mistake is to immediately touch your breasts or slide your fingers under your underwear. Remember that the woman works differently, and first you have to build sexual tension before reaching those erogenous zones.

Sensitive areas of women

It is advisable to touch these parts of the female body before touching your breasts or genitals:

- Neck: The woman enjoys the sensation of being kissed, licked or caressed in the neck. By pressing your lips or tongue against her neck, you will soon hear her soft moans. The front of your neck is very sensitive, but you can try the entire neck region. The back of his neck is one of the most sensitive areas in a woman's body. You can use the palm of your hand to give a gentle massage in that area while you kiss.

- Ears: The ears are also a highly erogenous zone and you can go crazy nibbling and licking that area.

- Navel area: This is another very sensitive area and many women love to give them soft kisses in this area. You can start kissing her in the mouth and then go down to her abdominal area; This will accumulate your sexual tension.

Important recommendation

The trick is not to focus too much on a particular area. Instead, go from your mouth to your neck, from your ear to your breasts, and so on.

No pregame no orgasm

The foreplay is the key ingredient for a wild night with a woman who feels completely aroused. If you pre-play correctly, you will see your woman moan and scream with satisfaction.

How to perform a previous game correctly?

1- Massage: Start with a simple massage because this is a sweet way to touch her and increase her sexual arousal. To improve the effects you can use perfumed oils. You must avoid your vagina and massage different areas of the body.

2- Mouth and tongue: After a while of massaging it, you can use your mouth and tongue. Spend some time finding out their most sensitive body parts; you will discover them if you pay attention to their reactions. Kiss her and lick her in her mouth, ears, neck, breasts, buttocks and legs. Do not forget to rub her breasts and suck her nipples. Your wife should now feel very hot and excited. Possibly I beg you to penetrate her, but if you make her suffer a little more her orgasm will be spectacular.

3- Clitoris: It's time to give the clitoris some attention. Perform circular movements with the tip of the tongue; the movements should be smooth but your tongue should be firm. Vary the movement and observe your bodily reactions to find out the best technique that works with it. Now she will be ready for you to penetrate, and she will explode in an intense orgasm.

Exiting a woman without touching her

Warning: If you are barely knowing the girl, you have to measure the environment very well and be sure that she already has confidence in you.

Now I'm going to show you the secret way to excite a woman , any woman, without touching her. I have studied attraction and sexuality for a long time and found many secrets to seduce any woman.

What is the secret?

Do you want to know the secret that most men overlook? It all comes down to the imagination. If you can get a woman to imagine something sexual or make her feel eager, you have got the key to having sex with her. From that moment on, she could even tell you she wants to do it with you.

Many men do not understand that the process of arousal of women is different from that of men, and that is why they fail. A man is usually excited to see a revealing cleavage or sensual legs, since we are more visual, but women need to use their imagination to warm up.

How to ignite a woman's imagination?

There are many ways to get a woman to imagine sexual issues. One way is to ask your preference about something of a sexual nature. It is important that you be subtle, that is, do not ask if you prefer hard sex because you may get a slap.

For example, you can ask her if she likes delicate or passionate kisses. This will start you imagining the act of kissing and may even excite her a little. If you already know the woman well, pay attention to the topics that make her feel warm and focus on them.
If she gives you a short answer ask her why, that is, the idea is that you get her to imagine the act with sexual nature, and to achieve that she needs to talk or imagine the details. For example, if the woman only answers you: "I like passionate kisses", you can ask her: "What makes you feel?", "What would your perfect kiss be like?", etc.

When you see that she changes her mind when imagining sexual themes, you can continue the conversation and gently touch her back, arm, etc. (This will depend on the level of confidence).

Exciting a woman is the key to having wild and passionate sex. Therefore, you must learn the proper techniques and let her unload all that repressed desire in you.