The best places to meet women in Saint Petersburg and Moscow

saint petersburg and moscow women

Saint Petersburg and Moscow are very special places. We actually can’t say that they belong to Europe or Asia. These cities have their own special blend that makes them unique.

Moscow and Saint Petersburg, huge cities where everyone wants to find a place in the sun. They are cities of beautiful girls, bright contrasts, entertainment and opportunities. Meeting a woman in Moscow or Saint Petersburg is as simple and easy as in other cities in the world. You just need to know where to go and search.

Metro / Subway / Underground

The best place to meet a woman in Saint Petersburg and Moscow is the metro. Every single day millions of people use Moscow and Saint Petersburg subways, so you should consider starting your search for a woman from there. Subway gives an advantage over other places: you don’t have to prepare yourself before going there.

After entering an Underground station, find a good spotting position, for example, near the escalators and look for someone. It’s quite easy to meet a woman in Saint Petersburg and Moscow metros because everyone is busy with only one thing - waiting for the train. Though the chances of failure are minimum; the result depends on your communication abilities and skills.

Malls and shopping centers

Moscow and Saint Petersburg malls are always full of ladies, which makes them the best places to meet a Russian woman. The advantage of these shopping centers is that most of the women adequately react to men who want to start a conversation with them. Besides, these malls are also suitable for meeting and first date. But you have to remember that such places are full of other men. Some women may be sick with dating proposals. So you should prepare for some failures.

Shopping centers in Moscow: Yevropeyskiy, Zolotoy Vavilon, Savelovskiy, MEGA Belaya Dacha, Metropolis, Vegas, Afimoll Siti, Gorod, Lefortovo, Aviapark and Okhotnyy ryad.

Shopping centers in Saint Petersburg: Galereya, Leto, Velikan Park, Raduga, Piterlend, Rio, Grand Kan'on, Zhemchuzhnaya Plaza and Varshavskiy ekspress.


Parks are perfect place for meeting friends and different activities, such as skateboarding or cycling. Some Russian people like walking along the waterfront, some are playing games. Moreover park gathers mostly polite Russian people, so the chances of meeting a decent Russian woman are quite high. Also if you date a woman from Saint Petersburg or Moscow, it’s a good place to take her to.

Some of the parks in Moscow: Vorob'yovy gory, Usad'ba Kolomenskoye, Neskuchnyy sad, Sad Ermitazh, Park Sokol'niki, Park Fili, Aleksandrovskiy sad and Sirenevyy sad.

Some of the parks in Saint Petersburg: Letniy sad, Park 300-letiya Peterburga, Park kul'tury i otdykha im. I. V. Babushkina (Park Skazok) and Moskovskiy park Pobedy.
One of the advantages of visiting parks in summer is the number of beautiful women that you will be able to see walking there.

Night clubs

Nightclubs are popular particularly during winter in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, but even in summer, there are still a lot of women hanging around. During summer, the clubs are not that crowded, because these beautiful cities are full of other attractions and entertainments. But the atmosphere there are always positive, and women are ready to meet new people and make new acquaintances. In nightclubs, you can easily start a conversation with women.


It would seem that considering the airport as one of the best places to finding a girl in Saint Petersburg and Moscow is strange. But there you can meet lonely women waiting for their flights. It may take some time before you find a woman to start a conversation, so the place is not as appropriate as the other places we mentioned above.

There are also some places you should avoid and keep away from:


Though it may seem a perfect place to meet a woman, but the problem is that many women come to fitness centers to do exercises and not for dating or finding a lover. There are also a lot of fit men in the gym, so you may not look advantageous compared to other men. But, of course, if you believe in yourself, go for it.

Supermarkets and stores

A supermarket is a place where women run up between work and home, usually busy with their household chores. Most often, she forgot to buy something and went out to the nearest supermarket, her mood is far from positive. Besides, there are often not many single women in Saint Petersburg and Moscow’s supermarkets.

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