6 Ways to lose your Russian or Ukrainian woman 

slavic woman

Fights and small misunderstanding and between a couple can accumulate tons of problems which can break up a relationship and even marriage. When it comes to a relationship with a Russian woman, cultural differences can make it even worse. To develop your relationship with a Slavic woman, you should keep away from some (traps) that you can fall into. If you don't want to improve your relationship, simply read below and find out 6 ways to lose your Ukrainian or Russian partner.

Be apathetic, cold and indifferent

If you have a Ukrainian women/wife and do not pay sufficient attention to her, be ready to lose her. It is particularly simple if your woman is not in Ukraine but in your country. Most beautiful Ukrainian women who travel or move to other countries become very popular and always receive men's interest and attention. Their sweet accent and different appearance make them very attractive to men and it can become a huge risk factor for you if you don't make your woman feel as unique and special and unique. Consequently, if you want to lose your Russian wife, be apathetic, very cold and indifferent to her. We assure you in this case she will without difficulty find someone else.

Stop being a gentleman

In Belarus, Ukraine and Russia men are expected to be caring and polite and. Remember, Russian girls are not feminists, and almost always they don’t pay for their part of the dinner, carry heavy objects. They rather men to do all of that for them, and they get pleasure from being dependent but in a respectful way. So, if you want to lose your woman, ask her pay for your bills and never help her with hard work.

Don’t let the small things go.

A good marriage or s relationship is like a piece of woven cloth incorporating all the threads of your everyday communication. Tears in this cloth (even tiny ones) should be mended quickly, before they expand, damage its integrity and threaten to rip your relationship completely apart. If there are too many holes in your marriage or relationship cloth, you will definitely feel a sense of disintegration. That’s why forgiving and understanding are vital to keeping up your marriage.

Drink, drink and drink

Drinking is the best ways to lose your Russian woman. Heavy drinking is a big problem in Ukraine and Russia. It destroys and ruins families and makes women miserable. This is the main reason why when Ukrainian and Russian women arte looking for a husband, they pay a big attention to whether the man is a social drinker or not. Therefore if you want to lose your Russian woman, get drunk every time you have to meet her.

Talk bad about Russia or Ukraine

Certainly, no one likes when their country are condemned and criticized. As people take it personally, as if they are being attacked. Consequently, if you want to lose your Ukrainian or Russian woman, just tell her how bad her country's politics and people are.

Estrange and alienate her family and friends

The opinion of a Russian woman’s family and friends means a lot to her. That is why if you want to lose your woman, try to make her family and friends your opponents and enemies. As a result she will have to choose between you and the ones she really cares about. Moreover she will take into consideration all other terrible things you previously did. 

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From what I have read Russian women seem to possess characteristics and traits that many European and American men long for, intelligence, kindness, old-world values, internal and external beauty and that strength of character known as “Mother Russia”.