How many girls…?

russian girls

The answer to this question is simple. It is not one girl …or two…they must be three the ones you need to find to keep a constant communication with. We imagine you must be thinking we am crazy … you probably think: “I cannot even get one and she wants me to get three!!!!”

Many of you are having problems to contact with them, but we want you to know it is pretty normal that you go through this stage where you feel frustrated and disappointed because all you find are scammers. It is a stage all those who are looking for a Russian girl need to get over to be able to face what comes next. Our capacity of enduring and trusting in our chances are being tested. So when you feel sad, you need to endure because the paradise is waiting for you.

Our advice is not crazy. We will explain you the reason. When you focus your attention to only one girl what happens is that you will only be watching one unique reality, you will only see what she offers you, who is, by the way, far away from you, who is a person you do not really know… you will have problems to identify the sensations she causes in you. You will end up being weak because the loneliness you face leads you to give your feelings to the only chance you got. This sound stupid, but if any of you was in a pseudo-relationship with one of these girls will understand human mind tends to focus the thoughts and feelings to only one direction if it’s not protected by the presence of more option. Therefore, in this first stage it is necessary, we would say vital, not to give your illusion and hopes to only one option, because that means you are surrender to defeat.

Our mind is a rational mind, it means it needs of other options to be able to compare between those ones. To give yourself to one option means to block the need our mind has to make comparisons. That means our criteria are the product of a relational fact. Everything is relative and depends on the compared facts. It means the mind has problems to deny two real options; we will always be tempted to keep one of both.

So why you should have three options, when having two is enough?

Well, very simple my dear virtual gladiators, it is necessary because you are not moving around a real environment. What could be right in real world, in the virtual world could not. Realize you are in an unreal reality, where our imagination becomes our worst enemy, we already told you that imagination has its priority in our elective intuition, our capacity of election depends on our personal situation, our loneliness, our need of company.

To be with two girls at the same time is not enough to keep our integrity secure. When you are in front of the computer, without knowing, we are offering our weakness to the other person. The difference is that when you have only one option you focus all your attention, strength, will, time and thoughts to make that possible relationship work, but when you have many options of possible relationships you try to avoid those things that could make you suffer and fell for the wrong person.

When you are with two Russian girls and one of them leaves you, our mind focuses immediately in the other option we have. Do not matter if the option is safe or not, we will focus on that one, because is the only one left. It is funny to see when this happens, even if the person is not sure about any option he had, as soon as one options leaves him, immediately gets convinced about the option left, when before, he was not convinced by that one at all. You become dependent of that option just not to feel you failed. Our confidence cannot admit we failed, in a word, you feel frustration, and you try to compensate it not to feel depressed. It is very common to listen comments like: “Yes, I left her, I was not sure about her… I have the other girl now…” when reality is so different from it: one girl left you and you feel content with the one left because you are afraid of loneliness.

For all these reasons it is necessary to have three options instead of two, this third option will act as a “just in case-relationship”. Of course you need to keep the three of them with the same intensity, then to lose one, will not be so painful to our integrity.

Having that third option, to lose one of the options will become something not too bad because we still have two more options to compare, that way we will not be exposed to the dangers it means to have just one.

To keep three serious relationships through email, Viber and Skype is not easy. What is possible at the beginning … becomes a hard work because it is not easy to write to three different Russian girls and as you can imagine, you cannot use the messages you already wrote, you will have to write, chat, and expose yourself to visual chats with the three girls. The stress it represents makes it easy to confuse the name of one of the girls … even though you can think you are protected by the language difference, a mistake of this kind can be understand even by a Chinese girl …

Svetlana Damaskina

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