How do young Russian women dress?

russian women dress

Dressing up into neat and sexy clothes is a significant part of Russian culture. The kind of outfit that a Russian woman will find appropriate for a business meeting can seem overly stimulating and sometimes outrageous for a Western eye. In some Middle Eastern regions young Russian tourists are famous for their bad reputation because of their high heels and outspoken outfits.

A Russian girl can always be singled out in a crowd in the U.S., Europe and Asia. What exactly makes make them look so different from others? First of all, their faithful companions are nice make-up, a neat hair style, a lot of jewelry, high heels or fancy shoes, and sexy outfit, which men find impossible to take their eyes off. In addition to that, all Russian women adhere to a set of these unspoken rules.

The first rule for any Russian girl is: promote tidiness. Not a single Russian woman will wear a wrinkled blouse even to leave her house for five minutes to buy milk at a store across the street. A tiniest stain on a nice dress will guarantee that this dress will be sent into the laundry basket as soon as the stain is discovered.

The second rule: avoid ordinariness. Being ordinary and boring in your selection of clothes is probably the biggest sin a young Russian lady who tries to uphold about her image can commit. Casual t-shirts and jeans are mostly worn in situations where a Russian girl is seen by no one whose opinion she cares about. Girlfriends often go shopping in search of something special and unique, and never settle for boring or average outfits.

The third rule: don’t be afraid to show it. The mindset of a Russian girl is: if I have something to show, why hide it? Life is short and beauty disappears fast. So there is no need to be shy and hide yourself during the most beautiful years of your life.

Comments from the web:

- Hotter as in slutty, whore-ish, like a prostitute. Yeah we have those in America. But that's not stylish, it's just nasty. Americans do have lots of style; we just don't have to be wearing practically nothing to look good.

- Russian women always look beautiful good because they want to look their very best - and they are willing to make the effort to do so. Watching their weight, getting plenty of exercise, eating healthy, dressing their best, hair and nails and cosmetics always well-kept.

- A lot of Russian girls are hotter than a lot of European and American to begin with. But for how they dress, they are simply more liberal in their choices than most Europeans because they are more free from peer judgment that Europeans and Americans.

- In Russia a beautiful woman will succeed not only in private life, but also in business. That is why Russian women strive to keep themselves in a good form.