Why are Ukrainian and Russian girls looking for husbands abroad? 

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Why are Russian girls looking for husbands abroad? There are many speculations and theories, although when it comes to the reality about Russian girls looking for marriage and love and in Europe, USA and other countries all over the world, it is very simple.

Ukrainian and Russian girls (like girls all over the world) are looking for the right man for them. They wish to find love, to be married, and to start a family with the one man who will make them happy. Is it that simple.

However, some of the stories and rumors are true. There have been cases of Russian women looking for husbands abroad only for a (ticket to a new life). And once arrived, they leave the man who made it possible for them. There are also examples of con artists and fraudsters who are not in fact looking for a husband, but only for someone to scam for money. Unfortunately these scam stories still take place and damage honest and legitimate marriage agencies business very much, however it is only in a very small number of cases. And fortunately, the Ukrainian and Russian dating services are slowly improving in their integrity and the mechanism employed to avoid and get rid of scammers.

But why overseas and not in their homeland?

There is no one answer as to why some girl would favor a foreign husband over one from Russia, Belarus or Ukraine. Just as there could be lots of reasons why you are interested in Russian girls. Also, the number of Russian and Ukrainian girls who are seeking dating, marriage and a husband abroad is very much a minority in their homeland. Many Russian girls have no wish to live abroad. In fact they are very patriotic and love their Russia very much.

Among the many factors which influence a Russian girl to look for husbands abroad are:

- The girl may have heard that foreign men are more caring, loyal, family oriented and romantic than men in Russia.

- The girl may have had bad experiences with men in her own country, mainly with alcoholism.

- Historically, after world war 2, there were millions of Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian men killed and women far outnumbered the men.

- The girl may want to live in another country if it will offer and provide her future children and family with a better life than she can have in Russia.

- The Internet has given the option for a Russian girls to meet men from anywhere in the world, as well as in Russia of course, and it is just one of the many courses and ways in which she is trying to find her future husband.

Comments from the web:

Question: Why Russian and Ukrainian girls want to find a Western man?
Answer: Because Western Man are able to do more that drinking vodka. Well I may said that for Russian women, any men is better that Russian men. Proof? Many Russian woman from Siberia, marries Chinese guys, because they are hard workers, faithful husbands and don't drink as much as Russians.

Of course I've made little bit a generalization. I am sure there are honest, hard working Russians. I even meet one in person:) But there are harder to find than those you mentioned.

I have been with lots of women, but I never will forget my high school girl, Elena, A Ukrainian, who was the essence of brains & beauty ! I need my Ukie lovebird forever this time !! :-)

I am sure there are good men in Ukraine and Russia but it just really blows my mind that so many Ukrainian woman like or want western men. Do Ukrainian woman like Hispanic or Latino men?

Easy....because men there want them pretty and sexy like dolls but when they get drunk they become freaky, cannot handle it and beat them up.

my question is ''why God put this many beautiful women in one place?''...I promise I will travel to Ukraine and find wife there.