10 Good Reasons Why The Mother of Your Children Should Be Russian

russian mother

Have you ever thought about getting married and starting a family? We are sure you have.

We mean, you are here for a reason. You didn’t just stumble upon this site by accident. You’re not here because you want to buy the latest Star Wars movie. No, you are here for only one reason.

You want to meet the love of your life. You have the goal to meet a woman who is so beautiful, caring and amazing that you just have to put a ring on her finger. Oh, and she should be Russian.

But why should your wife be Russian?

There are so many lonely British, American, German and French women out there. Why do you want your future wife to be a Russian woman?

Well, because you’ve probably done a lot of research. You want her because you know that Russian women are the perfect wives. And in case you didn’t know, here are ten reasons that will convince you.

1. She Has Been Raised with Traditional Family Values

The woman of your dreams has been raised with traditional family values. This is a huge advantage when you want to start a family. We mean, let’s be honest. The last thing you want to do is to raise children with a woman who doesn’t care about her family.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to be afraid of this when you decide to start a family with your Russian wife. She will do everything for her family. In fact, her family is the most important part of her life.

2. She Has Probably Raised Her Siblings

In the Western society it’s very common to either have one child or no children at all. In Russia things are a bit different. It’s very likely that the Russian woman you end up marrying has at least one brother or sister.

And it’s even more likely that she helped to raise her siblings. She cooked for them and she took care of them when her parents weren’t at home. She’ll be prepared when it’s time to take care of your children.

3. She Takes Care of Her Body

We don’t want to insult anyone, but when you have a look at young mothers in the West, you think twice before you get married. Many of them are not willing to get back in shape after a pregnancy.

Your Russian wife will get back in shape. In fact, she is so proud to be a beautiful female that she’ll do everything in her power to look good for you and for other women. Yes, for other women. Russian women value their female beauty a lot and want to be prettier than the competition. You future wife will look amazing, even after the second child.

4. She Doesn’t Think of Children as Annoying

It is no wonder that people in the West don’t want to have children anymore. Just think about how people who have children are looked at. When your child is crying in the train, everyone looks at you as if you are a terrorist. In many Western societies children are seen as annoying and as a burden.

This won’t happen to you when you meet a beautiful female on this site. She will love children, I guarantee you that. She will take care of her children and she will do everything to protect them. The girls you’ll meet here want to be mothers.

5. She Believes in Love and Marriage

Just ask a typical Western woman if she believes in love and marriage. She might believe in love, but she definitely doesn’t believe in marriage.

The minds of women in the West are influenced in a way that makes them see marriage as something to avoid, not as something to embrace.

As a result, women in the West believe that getting married is the same as a prison sentence and that it takes away their freedom. If we were you, we wouldn’t even think about marrying such a female.

In Russia, on the other hand, women believe in love and marriage. They want it more than anything else.

6. She is Happy to Be Your Wife

When a Russian woman is your wife, she is proud about it. She’s not scared that her new title as your wife will make her somehow less important than she is as an individual.

She is happy to be your wife. She doesn’t want it any other way.

7. She Always Says What’s On Her Mind

This is one of the biggest benefits of dating a Russian woman. She’s honest. She’ll let you know when you did something that upset her. This directness and honesty makes it so easy to establish a strong connection and trust in your relationship.

And it’s especially helpful when it comes to raising children. She will teach your children how valuable it is to be honest and to say what’s on their minds.

8. Her Parents Make Sure That She Treats You Good

Being in the same room with the parents of your future wife is even better than being together with her. Russian parents are famous for treating their son-in-law like a prince.

They will literally force you to eat all the time and you will enjoy it. Yep, that’s what happens when people are raised in a culture that values the family.

9. She Can Cook Better than Gordon Ramsay

Your wife will be a celebrity chef. In fact, she might even be the female version of Gordon Ramsay. Russian women can cook and they are not afraid to show their talent and skills.

When she is in love with you, she will let your belly know. Just be careful that you don’t gain one kilo after another once you are married.

10. She is 100% Loyal

The number one reason why the mother of your children should be Russian is her loyalty. Just think about all the marriages that end in divorce and all the kids that grow up with only one parent. You don’t want that, do you?

No, you don’t. And that’s why the beautiful female you are going to marry and start a family with has to be 100% loyal. Well, you are lucky that loyalty is the most important value of any Russian woman.

Once she is your wife, she wants to stay your wife forever.