Why Do Ukrainian women seeking Foreign Men?

ukrainian woman

Why do Ukrainian women seeking marriage abroad? It's one of the most frequent questions. Women in our agency are not interested in meeting foreign men because they are desperately miserable, poor or because they are only after a foreign passport.

Ukrainian women are very popular in many countries all over the world. Many men lose their sleep over trying to win the hearts of these mysterious and beautiful women. And the interesting thing is that to their complete pleasure and happiness foreign men often find Ukrainian women leave their country and come to them. Why would a beautiful, well-educated woman lose her interest for an Ukrainian man and start looking for a husband abroad?

Many Ukrainian women have friends who have met men on dating sites and they want to experience international dating for themselves. They are interested in meeting men from all over the world and finding out if one of these men could be their future husband.

There is also a well-known fact that there is a large difference between the number of men and the number of women in Ukraine. There are many more women than men. As a result, many women especially can not find husbands and Instead of staying alone for the rest of their lives, they look for foreign men form all over the world.

There is also one important factor that disappoints many Ukrainian women, which is habits, way of life and manners of Ukrainian men. Some women comment that men in Ukraine are taught to take love of their women for granted. That is why many Ukrainian men are not used to take care of women for a long time.

Many Ukrainian women, like the men who pursue them, decide to try international dating because they’ve been unsuccessful finding love in Ukraine. These brave and adventurous women choose to embrace the online dating as it expands their dating options and opens up many new doors for meeting the right man.

Just as men from other countries who are attracted to Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian women are also attracted to the cultures of other countries. Many women believe men outside Ukraine have more traditional family values and this is a quality many Ukrainian ladies value highly.

Contrary to common belief, Ukrainian women seek foreign men, not because they are poor, depressed and miserable. Also they definitely are not looking for marriage with men who are much older than them.

Comments from the web:

Some Western men are looking for a beautiful sex slave who is going to stay at home having babies without a complaint. For any man who wants to marry Ukrainian woman, if you are old enough to be her father, SHE DOESN'T WANT YOU! DON'T DELUDE YOURSELF! Cool Dad nailed it right on-we want someone who treats us like ladies but that doesn't mean we want someone to order us around, thank you! Victoria/Australia

Some men still has not learned these important facts:

1) She is NOT looking for someone her father's age to marry. An honest Ukrainian woman will accept a small to moderate age difference, but if you are looking for someone with a 20 or 25 year difference then you need to have your head examined. Ukrainian women do NOT marry older Ukrainian men, no matter what you've read on some dating sites who. A 7 year difference is best, and a 8 to 15 year difference is workable but only in the very best of circumstances. When you are 70 and she is still looking great at 43, do you really think she will enjoy adjusting your oxygen machine and changing your adult diapers? Use your brain for goodness sake!

2) The biggest mistake some men make in looking for a Ukrainian wife is they don't understand that she is NOT a weak female who wishes to stay at home and have babies. The old Soviet Union gave them equality long before European and American "women's lib" came along. Yes, they love to dress up and be feminine. Yes, she does want to be a lady and expects you to be a gentleman. But do not allow this to delude you into thinking that she is not strong and tough as nails. She can chew up and spit out an European or American feminist in just seconds, all the while looking feminine and dainty in her mini skirt and heels.

Forget about controlling her. Ukrainian women are strong-willed and not about to be your pushover. Yes, her profile reads that she wants you to be the man in the marriage--which is her way of saying that she expects you to provide for your wife and children, but not boss her around. Given the condition of society, the economy, and Ukrainian men, she has learned how to be very tough.

3) Many men think that she is counting her lucky stars for a chance to come to Europe, Australia or Canada. We are such blind fools in this regard. Her culture values family above all else and that includes the extended family and friends she left behind. She will be VERY homesick for a long time and often will come very close to saying goodbye to you and returning. The West offers a comfortable lifestyle but there is no supermarket or shopping mall special enough to replace her love for homeland and her people. Western popular culture is extremely shallow and empty, and she will discover this very quickly. If genuine love has not begun to grow in your marriage, she will go home at some point. If you are looking for "arm candy" to show off your beautiful wife, but are not willing to put a lot of effort into the relationship (such as learning her language and her culture) then you are headed for loads of heartache and trouble.

My Ukrainian wife is a special gift from God. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am the most lucky man in the world. She is 10 years younger, breathtakingly beautiful, a great mother to our children, and a woman of great character. She tells her girlfriends that I am her best friend. But we had to work thru the transition time and learn how to make a good marriage work. It takes a lot of effort but its worth it! Andrew / Canada.