Several warnings about sending a gift to Russia

russian woman

In Russia gifts are given on all birthdays, most national holidays and almost during any party. It is considered to be a display of good manners when a man or a woman comes to someone’s home with a small gift, which can be a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. Even many inconsiderable holidays, like Labor Day and first date anniversaries, are a reason good enough to give someone a gift in Russia. It is part of the Russian culture to be very generous and giving with friends, relatives and people they love.

If you want to make a nice impression on some Russian girl, it is recommended to send her a small, inexpensive but well thought-out gift as a token of your friendship and appreciation for her. We will let you decide what exactly to send, but before doing it read these warnings about sending a gift to Russia.

Don’t Send an Expensive Gift

If you want your Russian friend to have a nice camera or a fancy new laptop, it is better to send the money than the expensive gift. Russian people who receive parcels that are worth more than $100 will have to pay a tax, and quite often the tax is so high that it will not seem like a gift to her. That is why whenever you send a gift to Russia, make sure it is not expensive no matter whether you send it by regular mail, DHL, UPS, or FedEx.

Learn How to Write the Address Correctly

If you want your gift to reach her, you should definitely learn to write or type the Russian address correctly. Do not try to translate it into English. Since the postman, who is going to read the address, will most likely be Russian, you don’t want to simply hope that he happens to know some English. You need to make sure he understands what you wrote, so do it in Russian. Read how to write a Russian address.

Use Russian Services Wisely

Now it is possible to use services of local Russian companies to order flowers and simple gifts for somebody living in this country. On the one hand, the disadvantage of this method is that the gift becomes quite impersonal. You will be selecting something that you will hope she likes from an online catalogue of goods that are not very cheap either. On the other hand, there is no need to worry about Russian customs, taxes, addresses, etc. The company, which handles the delivery, will make sure she will receive the gift on time and in its best condition.

Be Aware of the Time Difference

If your gift is time sensitive (say it is a birthday present, which you want her to receive before she goes to work in the morning), you should always keep in mind the time difference factor before you send it. For example, if it is 8 p.m. in Los Angeles, it is already 7 a.m. next day in Moscow, and your Russian princess may be waking up and wondering if you forgot about her birthday.

Hopefully, this information will not discourage you from sending a gift to a Russian woman of your dreams, but will save you from worries and troubles that Russian customs and postal services can cause sometimes.