What is a reliable and safe way to find a Russian girl?

russian girl

Safe places to find your Russian girls are dating sites and marriage agencies that use strict policies and rules to publish women's profiles. Always check and ask the site how they do check their Russian girls before placing them on their sites. We also recommend doing some checking of the agency itself. It is necessary that a real honest dating site/marriage agency has indicated their email, regular postal address and phone number. Also check their (about us) page – names of the site’s operators and staff employees should be indicated.

Our advice is to use only sites/agencies that have NO recurring payment services. Also there are many sites that offer to contact Russian girls for (free), but to communicate with them you have to use their paid site based messaging service and they never will give you direct or personal contact information of these girls. If you don't mind that, then you are welcome to waist your time and money.

Alongside free dating sites the usual unsafe places are the place-your-ad-for-free places like Plenty of fish, Badoo, and even Facebook. These services don’t and are not able to check anyone.

From the 100% dating scam reports we read on the Internet, 80% are coming from free dating site and above mentioned social services. Moreover, about 90% of this was almost the 'girls' who took the initiative to write the man first.

And believe us or not, most of these 'females' are not even girls!, they are MEN who pretend they are Russian girls and use photos of other women or even Russian models.

So be careful when using Russian or other free dating services as FREE in this case does not mean CHEAP. Remember if you really are serious in finding a Russian girl for marriage, then it will always cost you money.