Why is your Russian woman not coming to visit? 

russian woman

Many Russian girls and foreign men meet on the internet and fall in love with each other. There comes the time when for both of them a meeting in person becomes very desirable and essential for the continuation of their relationship. However, no matter how many times the man invites the girl to come and visit him in his country she may not be able to do it. The reason is: there are several obstacles that most Russian women face when they try to go abroad and visit men.


This is one of the most common causes why Russian people are not able to travel to certain countries. The regulations of many well-developed countries make it hard for single people of young age and low-paid jobs to come and stay there. Foreign governments try to make sure that only those with a good job in a Russian company, stable financial situation and strong roots in Russia (which will pull them back to their motherland) come to visit. That is why when a young, single girl with a minimum wage job comes to a consulate or an embassy of such a country as U.S.A., Canada, or most countries in the European Union, she is often denied a travel/tourist visa on the basis of her potential desire to immigrate to the new country. The countries most Russians can easily travel to are Egypt, Turkey, and Eastern European countries.


For most people who travel abroad, the novelty of everything that surrounds them is either accepted and admired or rejected and tolerated. Having to learn how to understand, communicate and interact with foreigners does not make the task of evaluating the situation any easier. The Russian culture is quite different from the European, North American, South American or Middle Eastern cultures. It takes an open mind and a desire to continuously learn in order to adapt to and enjoy the new place. In addition, for those who have no skills in a foreign language visiting a foreign country can be very stressful and even frightening. Many of her fears also depend on how much the girl trusts you. That is why sometimes the best thing to do is to visit Russia first before asking her to come.


For a Russian woman, a regular price for a ticket across the Atlantic Ocean is sometimes worth several monthly salaries. Therefore, if you want her to even consider coming to your country, you need to realize that she will need to save money for several months or years. In addition, life in other countries is more expensive than in Russia. That is why if she does come, she will often be surprised at how much more expensive everything is.

If you are dating a Russian girl online with a prospect of having a serious real life relationship and a goal to marry her, you will most likely need to come to Russia to meet her first.