Russian girls, why they like Canadian and American men

russian girls

What kind of men do Russian girls like? What do they expect from a relationship with an Canadian or American man? Russian girls are not only caring and kind, but they are in fact interested in the family more than most girls in the USA or Canada. Another vital side is their gorgeousness and beauty. They are not only feminine and elegant but seem to enjoy genetic advantages.

So what kind of Men do Russian girls like? Why are there so many Russian girls seeking Canadian and American men? Girls from Russia usually prefer older men. So, do not be surprised if a 25 years old girl interested in a 40 year old man. Unlike American and Canadian girls, who love the ideal athletic body and bold personality, here in Russia, luckily, other laws of attraction take superiority.

What else do Russian girls find attractive in Canadian and American men? For one, a penchant for smiling is very attractive because most Russian men never smile. We try to show a positive, sunny side, but not overdo it. Relating to this there is a Russian proverb: "Laughter for no reason is a sign stupidity." Secondly, your bank account will not be primarily important, as anyone who has an apartment and car is considered rich in Russia.

What need we say about drinking? Firstly, alcoholism plagues most Russian men. This makes Russian girls avoid any man who they feel may have a drinking issue. So, try not to make a joke about your fondness for vodka, because the woman most definitely will not laugh.

Russian girls are easy to approach if you are polite and respectful. The chance that you will be immediately sent away prior to exchanging some words is unlikely. Stop at the entrance of any subway station and look around and ask for directions and help from the first beautiful woman that passes your way. The scene may seem odd to you but you must forget all of the tactics to which you are accustomed in Canada and USA. Just select the first sexy-looking woman and go for it. The main thing is definitely not to start with a compliment. Ask her if she speaks English, and ask for help, explaining that you are in Moscow for the first time. Once you overcome your modesty, you will feel increasingly self-assured and confident.

Remember Russian girls are not waiting for you to whisk them away in a gilded chariot. They do not live a romantic existence where everything is ideal and perfect. Like ladies everywhere, they will not give you a broad window of chance to earn their trust. So, be cautious not to make mistakes such as showing clear sexual intent or eyeing another attractive woman as she passes by. Always keep a respectful attitude toward the woman. If the first date does not end with (something), do not show the lady any irritation or frustration.

We should also add that in Russia, dinners and lunches, particularly during courtship are paid by men. If you meet a woman who can pay for s pizza or a movie ticket in Russia, forget about it. Keep in mind that (Going Dutch) is unheard of in Russia, so don't expect a Russian woman to share the cost of a date. Though, you should also be aware of a woman who seems only interested in what you can buy her.

Typically Canadian and American girls tend to dress more for comfort rather than style. In Russia it is the opposite. A girl will do everything to make herself good-looking to you. Even after long years of marriage she is likely to find ways to keep the passion alive in your relationship. And also, to Russian women, the union of two people, particularly if they have kids, is considered unbreakable. In other words, being married to a woman from Russia, you will definitely never be bored.