Peculiarities of Ukrainian Character

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Ukrainian character is recognized for its following unique features: its warmth, contradictory nature, friendliness, persistence and sense of humor. There are many elements that comprise an Ukraine spirit and make a Ukrainian lifestyle easier to understand. Here are some of them.

Major Character Trait

Ukrainian character is like Ukrainian weather long and quiet winters are occasionally interrupted by unexpected gusts of wind and snowstorms. The common Ukrainian lifestyle is slow but with sudden bursts of action. That is why Ukrainians are known to delay and take their time to prepare for something, but do the job fast finally. All attempts to conquer Ukraine followed the same situation. At first, Ukrainians would get defeated for several battles, but at the vital point of the war they would take charge and tear down the enemy in no time.

Brave Personality

Old Ukrainian fairy tales are always heroic. If nearly all European fairy tales are focused on money, profiting, enrichment, looking for treasure and gold, in Ukraine the main idea in any story is a noble heroic action for the good of other people.

Strong women - but beautiful :)

The character of Ukrainian women is described by the following Ukrainian saying: “She can stop a running horse; she can enter a burning house”. Women in Ukraine are strong and caring mothers, who can do men’s job and seldom ask for help.

Sexual Life

Ukrainian character also expresses itself in high sexual activity. For this reason Ukraine has always been a country with a high birth rate. It was normal to have up to 6 kids in an Ukrainian family. Though, currently the birth rates are much lower due to financial and social reasons.

Quotes from the web:

- I have been dating Ukrainian women for a long time and I can definitely say I got very amazing image of Ukrainian ladies females. They have lots of noticeable advantages over European women, they're not such brainwashed by liberalism and feminism as women in Europe, and absolutely most of them look really more beautiful.