The mystery of Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian women

mystery of russian women

Women from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are still a mystery to men from all over the world. Usually our male visitors are interested about marriage with women in our agency but aren’t sure how to approach them. Some men write to us and say they have been on matchmaking sites for some time but have been unable to find their love for one reason or another.

We have one very basic rule which is: a man must have reasonable expectations. Many men waste a lot of time and effort because they approach women with an incorrect position and anticipations that are not actual.

The biggest myth about Russian and Ukrainian women is that they don’t care about men's age, looks and financial situation, only his personality and other inner qualities. Though these qualities are vital, women are humans and obviously want to meet men to whom they are actually and physically attracted. They also prefer meet someone who can financially support them if they decided to marry and move to their husbands' countries. It is by no means sensible to wait for an 18 years old girl fall in love with a 40 years old man nor should a man who can hardly support himself expect a woman to leave her life, friends and relatives and get married to a man with financial problems. Remember a man should offer a Russian woman something more than the chance to live in a Western country.

Many men from all over the world ask us if Russian and Belarus ladies are indeed traditional wives they heard about. In the long run, isn’t for this reason thousands of men from all over the world marry women from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia? Despite the fact that some women like conventional and traditional roles in marriage, others rather other roles in a marriage when a husband and wife both work and support their family together. Remember every Russian woman is different. Men must treat any woman as an individual instead of believe myths and stereotypes.

If you want to make a Russian woman interested in further communication with you and make her look forward for your relationship to develop, be sure to show her that you want to know every single detail in her life, parents, city, etc. Learn to listen to your lady's thoughts and ask her questions. Remember if you make an effort to get to know a woman your dating with her will do much better than if you talk only about yourself. What is most important is that you should be honest in everything you do.

General characters of Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian women:

- They are sensitive and use their senses to discern what others feel without open talk.
- They are very flexible and resourceful prompted by need.
- They feel secured and supported with a loving husband, children and family around them.
- They love fun and can even find jokes in times of hardships to ease any situation.
- They are a bit daring and brave which may be driven by need and the situation in their countries.